What Tennis Rackets Do The Pros Use?

If you have ever wondered what tennis rackets the pros use, then you have come to the right place as we have compiled a list of the rackets endorsed and used by some of the top ATP and WTA players.

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What Tennis Rackets Do The Pros Use?
What Tennis Rackets Do The Pros Use?

What Tennis Rackets Do The Pros Use?

Tennis Rackets used by Top Players on the ATP Tour

Player NameTennis Racket they endorseActual Racket
Novak DjokovicHead Speed ProHead PT113B
Daniil MedvedevTecnifibre T-Fight 305 RSTecnifibre Dynacore 305
Rafael NadalBabolat Pure Aero RafaBabolat AeroPro Drive Original
Stefanos TsitsipasWilson Blade 98 18 x 20Wilson Blade 98 18 x 20
Alexander ZverevHead Gravity ProHead Gravity Pro
Dominic ThiemBabolat Pure Strike 18 x 20Babolat Pure Strike 18 x 20
Andrey RublevHead Gravity ProHead Gravity Pro
Matteo BerrettiniHead Extreme MPHead TGK 219
Roger FedererWilson Pro Staff RF97 AutographWilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph
Denis ShapovalovYonex VCORE 95Yonex VCORE SV 95
Hubert HurkaczYonex VCORE PRO 97 330Yonex VCORE PRO 97 330
Diego SchwartzmanHead Radical MPHEAD TGT 260.2 XL
Pablo Carreno BustaWilson Blade 98 18×20Wilson H22
Roberto Bautista AgutWilson Pro Staff 97Wilson Six One 95
Felix Auger-AliassimeBabolat Pure AeroBabolat Pure Aero VS
Casper RuudYonex EZONE 100Yonex DR 100 Plus
Alex de MinaurWilson Blade 98 16×19Wilson Blade 98 16×19
Cristian GarinHead Radical MPHead PT313.2
Gael MonfilsWilson Ultra TourWilson H19
David GoffinWilson Blade 98 18×20Wilson Blade 98 18×20
Stan WawrinkaYonex VCORE Pro 97 330Yonex VCORE 95D
Lorenzo MusettiHead Boom ProHEAD Extreme Tour
Daniel AltmaierYonex Ezone 98Yonex Ezone 98
Dusan LajovicWilson Pro Staff 97Wilson Pro Staff 97
Pablo AndujarPrince Phantom Pro 100Prince O3 Tour
Egor GerasimovHead Radical SHead Touch Radical S
Mackenzie McDonaldWilson Blade 98Wilson Blade 98
Andy MurrayHead Radical ProHead Radical Pro

The above list details the tennis rackets used by some of the top players on the ATP tour including Federer, Nadal, and Djokovic.

As well as showing the rackets they endorse, we have also included the actual racket they play with as many racket manufacturers paint the rackets of popular pro players to look like the latest version of the racket.

Tennis Rackets used by Top Players On the WTA Tour

#Player NameTennis Racket they endorseActual Racket
1Ashleigh BartyHead Gravity MPHEAD Gravity Pro
2Naomi OsakaYonex Ezone 98Yonex Ai 98
3Aryna SabalenkaWilson Blade 98 18×20Wilson Blade 98 Pro
4Sofia KeninBabolat Pure DriveBabolat Pure Drive
5Bianca AndreescuHead Graphene 360+ Speed MPHead Graphene Touch Speed MP
6Elina SvitolinaWilson Blade 98 16×19Wilson Blade 98 16×19
7Karolína PlískovaBabolat Pure DriveBabolat Pure Drive
8Iga SwiatekTecnifibre TRebound 298 IGATecnifibre TRebound 298 IGA
9Simona HalepWilson Blade 98 16×19Wilson Steam 99
10Garbiñe MuguruzaBabolat Pure DriveBabolat Pure Drive
11Belinda BencicYonex EZONE 100Yonex EZONE 100
12Petra KvitovaWilson Pro Staff 97Wilson Pro Staff 97
13Barbora KrejcikovaHead Graphene 360+ Extreme MPHead Graphene 360+ Extreme MP
14Victoria AzarenkaWilson Ultra 100Wilson Ultra 100
15Jennifer BradyBabolat Pure AeroBabolat Pure Aero
16Serena WilliamsWilson Blade SW102 AutographWilson Blade SW102 Autograph
17Elise MertensBabolat Pure AeroBabolat Pure Aero
18Anastasia PavlyuchenkovaWilson Burn 100Wilson Burn 100
19Maria SakkariWilson Ultra 100Wilson Ultra 100
20Elena RybakinaYonex VCore 100Yonex VCore 100
21Sloane StephensHead Radical MPHead Radical MP
22Justine HeninWilson Hyper Hammer 5.3Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3

The above list details the tennis rackets used by some of the top players on the WTA tour including Ashleigh Barty, Naomi Osaka, and Serena Williams.

The Difference between Pro and Retail Rackets

It is important to note that the actual rackets used by ATP and WTA players can vary greatly from the tennis racket you buy in your local tennis shop.

This is because the Pros customize their rackets by adding more weight or by adjusting the balance of the racket.

The Pros will also often use an older generation of the same racket rather than the latest generation e.g. Nadal uses the gen 1 version of the Babolat Pure Aero.

The result of these differences is that a Pros racket will often play very differently from the version you can buy in shops or online.

In my own opinion, this is not a bad thing.

The customized versions the pros use in the majority of cases are completely unsuitable for even advanced recreational players with some Pro players playing with rackets that weigh in at 360g+ strung.

It is important to get the racket that suits your game rather than trying to emulate your tennis heroes.

For more help in choosing a new tennis racket, check out our guide on how to choose a tennis racket.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed the article on what Tennis Rackets Do The Pros Use.

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