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The Roger Federer Racket is probably one of the most popular rackets amongst recreational players today, so we have decided to publish the below guide with the aim of helping you understand what racket Federer actually plays with and whether the retail version sold by Wilson is anything like it.

Although there is still a debate on which tennis player is the Greatest Of All Time (GOAT), there is definitely no contest when it comes to the most popular player of all time.

Since announcing himself on the world stage by beating Pete Sampras at the 2001 Wimbledon Championships, Roger Federer has gone on to amass 20 grand slam titles as well as gain fans from all across the world.

As with many of the top ATP Pro players, there is a lot of interest in Roger Federer’s Racket from recreational players, looking to emulate their tennis hero on their local court.

So let’s look at what racket Roger Federer plays with.

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Roger Federer Racket Wilson Pro Staff RF 97
Roger Federer Racket – Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph

What Racket Does Roger Federer play with in 2022?

Wilson Pro Staff RF97

Roger Federer is currently playing with a slightly customized version of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph in 2022.

Unlike many other Pro players, the racket specs for Roger Federer’s Racket are very close to the retail version you can buy online or in your local tennis shop.

The main difference is a slightly higher strung weight of 366g for Federer’s Racket versus a strung weight of 357g for the retail version.

You can also check out this Facebook video, where Roger Federer unwrapped his new tennis racket for the 2021 ATP Season.

Wilson has yet to confirm whether a new version of the Pro Staff RF97 Autograph will be released in 2022.

As Roger is likely to return to the tour for the 2022 grass court season, I wouldn’t be surprised if Wilson releases a new version (V14) to coincide with this.

What are the Specs of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph (Retail Version)?

Below are the racket specs for the retail version of Roger Federer’s Racket.

Head Size:97 Inches
Racket Length:27 inches
Unstrung Weight:340 grams
String Pattern:16 x 19
Balance:12 pts HL
Beam Width:21.5mm
Swing Style Required:You need a long and fast swing
Power Level:Low powered racket (you need to generate your own power)
Recommended Level:Advanced player (not recommended for beginners)

Roger Federer Racket History

Over his 20+ years on the ATP Tour, Roger Federer has endorsed a number of different rackets but in reality, he has probably only used 3 different rackets over the course of his career with Wilson only updating the paint job on his racket so they could sell a new version of the retail version.

As you can see from the image below, Wilson has regularly updated the retail version of the Roger Federer Racket over the years, even though it is likely that Roger’s actual Racket did not change as often as this.

Timeline of Roger Federer’s Actual Racket

Wilson Pro Staff 8519982002
Wilson Pro Staff 9020032013
Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph2014Date

Roger started out on tour using the Wilson Pro Staff 85, which was the same racket used by the great Pete Sampras.

His biggest win with this racket was in the famous win he had over his hero Sampras at the 2001 Wimbledon championships.

In 2003, he switched to the Wilson Pro Staff 90 so he could benefit from the larger head size.

With the Pro Staff 90, he would go on to win 17 of his 20 grand slam titles using this racket.

Then in 2014, he switched to the first version of his current racket, the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph as he wanted a racket that would be better at dealing with the massive topspin that was becoming more and more a part of the modern game.

What Grip Size does Roger Federer use?

There has been some discussion around what grip size Roger Federer uses but it is generally accepted that he uses a 4 and 3/8 grip size with an overgrip on his rackets.

This is a surprise to many who would expect a professional like Federer to use a larger grip size.

Federer uses the 4 and 3/8 grip size to get extra wrist snap on his serves and to make changing his grips easier.

Please bear in mind that although Roger uses a 4 and 3/8 grip size, that doesn’t mean you also should use it.

Everyone’s hands are different and you need to get the grip size that suits you.

If you regularly play with a grip size that is too small or too large for you, can lead to tennis elbow issues.

Does Roger Federer play with a Vibration Dampener?

I found an interesting video (see below) of an interview between Roger and Matthias Stach on the MyTennis Youtube channel.

In the video, Roger explains that he used to play with a vibration dampener on his racket but at some point, he lost it.

Since then he has not played with a vibration dampener on his tennis racket.

How does Roger Federer string his Racket?

Roger Federer strings his racket with Luxilon Alu Power Rough 16L in the crosses and Wilson Natural Gut in the mains with Wilson selling this combination as their Champions Choice.

In a video for Luxilon, Roger explains that he choose this combination because it gives him extra control and spins on his shots and that he has been using this combination since 2002.

Like many ATP pro Players, Roger will vary the tension on his rackets depending on a number of factors including what surface he is playing on and who his opponent is.

Generally, the string tension on his rackets will be in the 56-60lbs range. I also found this video, showing Roger leaving his rackets into Wilson at the Laver Cup in 2017 to be strung.

Where can I buy the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph?

As Federer is so popular, you will find stocks of the Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph in most good tennis shops.

You can also easily buy the racket at one of the many online tennis stores.

If you are considering buying the racket and you would like to support our site, then consider purchasing the racket by clicking on the Amazon button below.

By doing this we will receive a small commission from Amazon and it won’t cost you any more.

There has been no confirmation as of yet from Wilson that they will be releasing an updated Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph V14 for 2022.

Final Thoughts on the Roger Federer Racket

We hope you enjoyed our article on the Roger Federer Racket.

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