How to add Weight to your Tennis Racket

How to add Weight to your Tennis Racket

Once you get more into your tennis gear, at some point you will likely want to customize your racket by adding more weight. This article will look at the ways you can add weight to your tennis racket such as adding lead tape, injecting silicone into the buttcap, or adding a leather grip. How to

Guide to String Patterns used in Tennis Rackets

Tennis Racket String Patterns

This article will provide you with a basic guide to the string patterns used in tennis rackets e.g. 16×19 vs 18×20. I will also look at what the numbers mean and how the string pattern of your racket can affect its performance. What is a String Pattern in Tennis? A String Pattern in tennis refers

Which Tennis Pros Use Dampeners

Which Tennis Pros Use Dampeners?

Vibration Dampeners are very popular at the recreational and pro levels with top tennis pros like Nadal, Djokovic and Medvedev also using dampeners on their tennis rackets. Which ATP Tennis Pros Use Dampeners? Below is a list of the top Tennis Pros on the ATP Tour. Out of the top ATP players listed below, 68

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive

Why are tennis ball machines so expensive?

Tennis Ball Machines can be a great tool to help you improve your tennis game as you practice drills and routines without the need for a partner. However, many are put off by the cost of purchasing one as even the most basic ball machine can cost you hundreds of dollars to buy. This article

Best Wilson Tennis Strings

Best Wilson Tennis Strings

While Wilson may be better known for its tennis rackets, they also have a wide range of tennis strings to suit all levels of tennis players whether they are looking for power, spin, or comfort. This article will look at the best Wilson Tennis Strings that you can buy and give recommendations for beginner, intermediate

Tennis Equipment

What equipment do you need to play tennis in 2022?

If you got caught up with all the excitement around Wimbledon and you are thinking of giving Tennis a go, it doesn’t have to cost the earth in terms of what tennis equipment you need to play tennis. The basic things you will need for tennis are a tennis racket, some balls, a pair of

Best Pink Tennis Bags

Pink Tennis Bags

Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would publish a series of articles on some Christmas gift ideas for tennis players. My first gift idea is a pink tennis bag for that special someone in your life. Before I started my research, I thought it would be easy to find a

Tennis Shoes

Do You Need Tennis Shoes To Play Tennis?

The short answer to this question is no, you do not need to have tennis shoes to play tennis and you can get by playing with regular runners. However, it is recommended that you do use tennis shoes to play tennis as tennis can be hard on your feet and it is important that you