Slinger Bag vs Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machines

As any avid tennis player knows, finding a practice partner who is willing to do tennis drills can be difficult, as they may find it monotonous.

That’s where a tennis ball machine comes in as you can set up the machine to hit you as many balls as you want.

Two popular options on the market are the Lobster Elite Liberty (or “LEL”) and the Slinger Bag (or “SB”) and in this article, I will compare these two machines and discuss their key features, pros, and cons to help you decide which one is the best fit for you.

Slinger Bag vs Lobster Elite Liberty Tennis Ball Machines

Slinger Bag vs Lobster Elite Liberty Comparison

Slinger BagvsElite Liberty
144Ball Capacity:150
Slinger BagDesign:Lobster Elite
45MPH (72.42km/h)Top Speed:80MPH (128.75km/h)
10MPH (16.09km/h)Slowest Speed:20MPH (32.19km/h)
1.5-3.5 HoursBattery Life:2-4 Hours
33lbs (528 Ounces)Weight:36lbs (576 Ounces)
YesRemote Control:Optional Extra
YesPhone/Camera Holder:No
YesRechargeable Battery:Yes
– Light Weight
– Maneuverable
– Nice Design
– Good Ball Capacity
Pros:– High Top Speed
– Good range of Speeds and Spins
– Easy to use
– Low Top SpeedCons:– Remote has to be purchased separately

Below is a short YouTube video summarising the differences between the two ball machines.

Ball Capacity

There isn’t a huge difference in terms of ball capacity between the two machines with the LEL (150 balls) having a slightly bigger capacity than the SB (144 balls).


The LEL (80MPH (128.75km/h)) has a higher top speed which will suit adult players but the SB (10MPH (16.09km/h)) has a lower minimum speed which will be useful for juniors and adult beginners.

Battery Life

The LEL (2-4 Hours) has a slightly longer battery life than the SB (1.5-3.5 Hours) but on average, you aren’t going to find much of a difference between the two machines.


The SB (33 lbs (528 Ounces)) is 3 lbs lighter than the LEL (36 lbs (576 Ounces)), so it will be slightly more maneuverable.

Remote Control

The SB comes with a remote control but you have to buy the remote separately for the LEL.

Machines in Action

Below are some YouTube videos showing both machines in action.

Slinger Bag in Action:

Elite Liberty in Action:

More Information on these ball machines is available on the official and websites.