Tennis Racket Manufacturers and Brands

We have compiled a list of the top tennis racket manufacturers from big brands like Wilson to smaller brands like Vantage.

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Tennis Racket Manufacturers
Tennis Racket Manufacturers

Tennis Racket Manufacturers and Brands

Company NameRacket Brands
AngellCustom V4, K Series,
BabolatPure Aero, Pure Drive, Pure Strike
BosworthTour 96
DonnayPro One, Formula
DunlopCX, LX, SX
GosenEvolve, Trivista, Hishun, Axthies, Miracle Light
HeadExtreme, Gravity, Radical, Speed, Instinct, and Prestige
KarakalBlack Zone, Flash
PacificX Fast, X Force, X Tour
PrinceTwistpower, Warrior, Chrome, Phantom, Synergy, Vortex, Classic, Tour, Legacy
ProKennexQplus, Ki, Heritage
SlazengerSmash, Ultimate
TecnifibreTF40, TFight, TF-X1, TRebound,
VolklV-Cell, V1, Team Speed, V8 Pro, C10 Pro, PB 10 Mid, V-Sense, Revolution,
WilsonBlade, Clash, Pro Staff, Ultra, Burn
YonexAsterl, Ezone, Vcore, Vcore Pro

Angell Tennis Rackets

Angell is a UK based company that specialises in producing custom tennis rackets for players serious about their tennis.

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Babolat Tennis Rackets

Babolat is a French headquartered company that is best known for its partnership with Rafael Nadal. In recent years Babolat has become one of the biggest racket manufacturers in the world.

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Bosworth Tennis Rackets

Bosworth is a small family company that sell customised versions of their Bosworth Tennis Tour 96 racket.

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Donnay Tennis Rackets

Donnay is a racket manufacturer that focuses on lightweight and arm friendly rackets that provide the same performance as more heavy alternatives manufactured by other companies.

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Dunlop Tennis Rackets

Dunlop Sports are a large multinational sports equipment manufacturing company that manufactures products for a large number of racket sports including tennis.

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Gamma Tennis Rackets

Gamma is better known for its tennis strings but they also produce a range of different tennis rackets.

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Gosen Tennis Rackets

Gosen manufactures a range of tennis rackets that are only available to people living in Japan.

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Head Tennis Rackets

Head tennis rackets are used by some of the players on the ATP and WTA tours including Alexander Zverev, Novak Djokovic, Barbora Krejcikova and Coco Gauff.

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Karakal Tennis Rackets

Karakal is a manufacturer of a wide range of good value tennis rackets for adult and junior players.

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Pacific Tennis Rackets

Pacific are a worldwide brand that has a reputation for producing high-quality tennis rackets.

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Paradigma Tennis Rackets

Paradigma is a tennis racket manufacturer based in Germany.

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Prince Tennis Rackets

Prince rackets have a long history with Tennis that still continues to this day with top ATP players like John Isner playing with a Prince Racket.

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ProKennex Tennis Rackets

ProKennex is a Taiwanese tennis racket manufacturer that specialises in arm friendly tennis rackets.

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Slazenger Tennis Rackets

Although they are more famous in tennis for their balls, Slazenger also manufactures a range of tennis rackets.

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Tecnifibre Tennis Rackets

Tecnifibre is a French Company that started in the late 1970s and since then it has made it name by manufacturing quality tennis strings and rackets with top pros like Iga Swiatek and Danill Medvedev endorsing their tennis rackets.

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Vantage Tennis Rackets

Vantage is a small company that specialists in designing custom tennis rackets.

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Volkl Tennis Rackets

Volkl Tennis Rackets have been used by great players down through the years including John McEnroe, Boris Becker, Mats Wilander and Petr Korda.

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Wilson Tennis Rackets

Wilson is probably the biggest brand in tennis as some of the greatest players of all time have played with a Wilson racket including Roger Federer, Pete Sampras and Serena Williams.

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Yonex Tennis Rackets

Yonex offers a wide range of tennis rackets to suit all levels from beginner to advanced tennis players.

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