Prince Phantom Pro 100 vs 100P

The Prince Phantom Pro 100 and the Prince Phantom 100P are two tennis rackets mainly aimed at intermediate to advanced players and offer players that can handle the weight, great feel, and control.

Unlike many other modern tennis rackets, both of these frames are very arm friendly with a stiffness rating under 60.

Both of these tennis rackets have very similar racket specs, so this article will look at what differentiates these two rackets so you can get a better idea as to which one might suit you better.

Prince Phantom Pro 100 vs 100P

Prince Phantom Pro 100 vs 100P Comparison

For this racket comparison, I used the 2020 Version of the Phantom Pro 100 (or Pro “100”) and the 2020 Version of the Phantom 100P (or “100P”).

Racket Specs

SpecsPhantom Pro 100Phantom 100P
Design:Prince Phantom Pro 100Prince Phantom 100P
Head Size:100in100in
Strung Weight:323g (11.4 oz)326g (11.5 oz)
Swing Weight:320g328g
Balance:6 Pts HL6 pts HL
Frame Stiffness:5459
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Beam Width:20.5mm / 19.5mm / 16.5mm20.5mm / 19.5mm / 16.5mm
Colors:Green and BlackGrey and Black
String Pattern:16×1816×18
Grip Type:Prince ResiPro GripPrince ResiTex Tour

Both the Pro 100 and the 100P have the same racket head size (100in), Length (27in), Balance (6 Pts HL), String Pattern (16×18), and a beam width of 20.5mm / 19.5mm / 16.5mm.

In terms of differences, the 100P is the heavier of the two frames as it is 3g heavier in terms of its strung weight and 8g heavier in terms of swing weight when compared with the Pro 100.

The 100P is also stiffer than the Pro 100 but both frames would be considered to have a low stiffness rating.

Racket Recommendations

The kind of player that is most likely to enjoy playing with either of these two rackets is likely to be an intermediate to advanced player who has a full swing and has good technique on their forehand and backhand.

In my opinion, these tennis rackets will not suit a beginner as they are relatively heavy rackets with small sweet spots.

These rackets are also a good option if you have had issues with tennis elbow or other arm issues in the past as they both have low stiffness ratings.

In terms of which of these two tennis rackets is the best, my preference would be the Pro 100 as it has a lower swing weight and stiffness rating.