Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs 315

The TF40 305 and TF40 315 are two of the most popular rackets made by Tecnifibre as they offer advanced players a good mix of power, spin, and precision.

In this article, I will be looking at the racket specs of the TF40 305 (16×19) and the TF40 315 to see how these two rackets compare to each other.

Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs 315

Tecnifibre TF40 305 vs 315 – Racket Specs Comparison

In the comparison below I have used the 16×19 versions of the TF40 305 and the TF40 315.

The 305 also comes in an 18×20 version but for this comparison, I have only used the 16×19 version.

Main Differences: The TF40 305 has a lighter strung weight (11.29oz vs 11.71oz), a heavier swing weight (321 vs 313), and a less head light balance (3 pts HL vs 8 pts HL).

Similarities: Both rackets have the same 98in head size, a racket length of 27in, a frame stiffness rating of 64, a 22mm beam width, and a 16×19 string pattern.

V2 (2022)Version:V2 (2022)
Tecnifibre TF40 305Design:Tecnifibre TF40 315
98inHead Size:98in
320g (11.29oz)Strung Weight:332g (11.71oz)
305g (10.76oz)Unstrung Weight:315g (11.11oz)
321Swing Weight:313
3 pts HLBalance:8 pts HL
64TW Stiffness Rating:64
AdvancedPlayer Level:Advanced
22mmBeam Width:22mm
WhiteMain Color:White
16 x 19String Pattern:16 x 19
8T,8HMain Skips:8T,8H
Xtra Feel GripGrip Type:Xtra Feel Grip

Head Size

Both the 305 and 315 tennis rackets have a 98in Midplus head size.


The 305 and 315 have a length of 27 inches, which is pretty standard nowadays.

Strung Weight

The strung weight of the 305 (320g/11.29oz) is 12g lighter than the 315 (332g/11.71oz), so the 315 will feel heavier to hold in your hand.

Unstrung Weight

The 305 has an unstrung weight of 305g (10.76oz), while the 315 has an unstrung weight of 315g (11.11oz).

Swing Weight

The 305 has a swing weight of 321g (11.32oz), which is 8g heavier than the 315 (313g/11.04oz), so the 315 will be much easier to swing and will have better maneuverability at the net.


The TF40 305 has a 3pts Head Light (HL) balance, while the TF40 315 has an 8pts HL balance.

As the TF40 315 is more head light than the TF40 305, it is much more maneuverable, even though the TF40 305 has a lower strung weight.

Stiffness Rating

Both tennis rackets have a stiffness rating of 64, which is in the mid range in terms of stiffness.

Power and Control

The 305 and 315 are both low powered rackets, so you will need a full and fast swing if you want to get the most out of these rackets.

In terms of control, the 315 provides you with a little more.

Recommended Player Level

Both of these rackets are best suited to advanced tennis players, who have a full and fast swing.

String Pattern

Both tennis rackets have a 16 x 19 open string pattern, which helps add spin to your shots.

Beam Width

Both tennis rackets have a beam width of 22mm/22mm/22mm, which is considered a relatively thin beam width.

Grip Type

Both tennis rackets come with a Tecnifibre Xtra Feel Grip.