Best Wilson Tennis Strings

While Wilson may be better known for its tennis rackets, they also have a wide range of strings to suit all levels of tennis players whether they are looking for power, spin, or comfort.

This article will look at the best Wilson tennis strings that you can buy and give recommendations for beginner, intermediate, and advanced players.

Best Wilson Tennis Strings

Wilson Tennis Strings


Wilson Sensation Comfort

Wilson Sensation is a multifilament string that comes in a few different variations including comfort, control, and plus, each with different gauges ranging from 15 (for more durability) to 18 (for more feel).

If you have ever bought a prestrung Wilson racket then chances are that it was strung using sensation strings as it is one of the cheapest strings on the market.

Despite its low prices, it is still a good option for beginners or players who are looking for an arm friendly string that provides good power.

The only downside to it is its durability so if you are a heavy hitter then you may find that the strings will need to be changed more frequently than some other strings.

However, if you are a beginner, then this will be less of an issue.


  • Good quality string at a low price
  • Arm Friendly
  • Gives surprisingly good feel on your shots


  • Poor Durability (Not recommended for advanced players who hit heavy top spin shots)


Wilson NXT

The NXT is a multifilament string that has been one of the top-selling tennis strings over the last 10 years.

The NXT plays very similar to the sensation and is aimed at beginner to intermediate players who have compact to medium strokes.

The NXT focuses on giving players good comfort and power which makes it ideal for those players who have yet to develop a full swing on their shots.


  • Provides good comfort and power on your shots
  • Good forgiveness on off center shots.


  • Not very spin friendly
  • Playability decreases over time so you will need to restring often
  • The extra power you get comes at the cost of control

Revolve Spin

Wilson Revolve Spin

As you can probably guess from its name, the Revolve Spin is designed to be a super spin friendly string and is aimed at more advanced players who hit a heavy ball with a full swing.


  • Provides good spin on your shots
  • Provides good comfort on your shots
  • Good at retaining tension so the playability of the racket lasts for longer.


  • Strings are more focused on control rather than power so won’t suit all players

Champion’s Choice

Wilson Champion's Choice

Wilson’s Champion’s Choice is the string setup used by the great Roger Federer and is a combination of Wilson’s Natural Gut and Luxilon’s ALU Power Rough.

Champion’s Choice is very popular with recreational players who want to emulate Roger Federer, with the combination of Natural Gut in the mains and ALU Power Rough in the crosses giving you a good balance of power, spin, and feel.

However, it is one of the more pricey options you can use for your tennis racket with Champion’s Choice being around four times more expensive than sensation tennis strings for example.


  • Provides a good combination of power and feel on your shots
  • Very Spin Friendly
  • The combination of the natural gut and the ALU Power Rough gives you a very unique feel on your shots


  • A lot more expensive than other options out there
  • Strings aren’t very durable so you will need to restring your racket often

Wilson Natural Gut

Wilson Natural Gut

Natural Gut strings are made from cow intestines in comparison with other strings that are made from polyester or nylon.

When it comes to playability and feel nothing comes close to a natural gut string with top players like Roger Federer, Andy Murray, and Novak Djokovic using them in their hybrid setups.

However, the big downside to using it is the cost.


  • Great playability and feel on your shots
  • Is very soft on your arm
  • They hold tension very well


  • Natural Gut Strings tend to break more frequently than synthetic gut strings so that only adds to the cost of using it.

My String Recommendations

Beginners – If you are a beginner then it makes little sense to invest in an expensive string setup and instead I would recommend that you go for a cheaper option like Sensation.

Intermediate – If you are an intermediate player looking for some extra power then I would recommend the NXT Power.

If you are looking for more control then I recommend the NXT Control string.

Advanced – My recommendation for more advanced players would be to either go for Natural Gut or Federer’s Champion’s Choice, but if you are on a budget then the Revolve Spin is a good alternative.

Bonus Tip: If you are looking for an arm friendly string then I would recommend the Sensation or NXT.

Wilson Sensation vs NXT

Main Differences: Sensation has a softer feel and gives you more power when compared with the NXT.

However, I have found that you get better string tension retention with the NXT.