Iga Swiatek Racket

Iga Swiatek is a Polish professional tennis player who has won fourteen WTA titles including four grand slam singles titles.

This article will look at what racket Swiatek is playing with in 2023 as well as looking at what strings, tension, grip size, and vibration dampener Iga uses.

Iga Swiatek Racket

Iga Swiatek Racket – Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA

Swiatek is currently playing with the Tecnifibre Tempo 298 IGA tennis racket and has done so since early 2021.


She had previously played with the Prince Textreme Tour 290 before making the switch to Tecnifibre in January 2021.

Since she made the switch, she has won another two grand slam singles titles and has claimed the number 1 position in the WTA ranking.

Rackets Specs

Swiatek’s exact racket specs are not publicly available but it is believed her specs aren’t too dissimilar to the retail version of the Tempo 298 IGA.

Below are the specs for the retail versions of the Tempo 298 IGA and Textreme Tour 290.

Tempo 298 IGA vs Textreme Tour 290

Specs:IGATextreme Tour 290
Head Size (sq cm)632645
Head Size (sq in)98100
Length (cm)68.5868.58
Length (in)2727
String Pattern16 x 1916 x 18
Strung Balance (cm)32.9933.02
Strung Balance (pts)44
Strung Weight (grams)312306
Strung Weight (ounces)11.010.8
Swing Weight319318
Frame Stiffness7162
Beam Width (mm)2322 / 23 / 20

1 Head Light of Head Heavy

Main Differences: The Tempo 298 IGA has a smaller head size (98in vs 100in), a heavier strung weight (312g vs 306g), a slightly heavier swing weight (319 vs 318), a much higher frame stiffness rating (71 vs 62), a slightly thicker beam width (23mm vs 22mm/23mm/20mm), and a different string pattern (16×19 vs 16×18).

Grip size

Swiatek uses a 4 and 1/4 grip size which helps her get tons of spin on her shots.


Swiatek uses Tecnifibre Razor Code 17/1.25 tennis strings on her racket which are medium firm co-poly strings that offer good power and spin and are an ideal choice for big hitters.

String Tension

The general consensus online is that she strings her rackets at a tension of 52-53lbs (24.0kg) which is within the recommended tension range provided by Tecnifibre for the IGA (50 – 55lbs (22.5 – 25 kg)).

Vibration Dampener

Yes, she plays with a vibration dampener in her strings.

From looking at close-up pictures of her racket, it looks like she is using the Tecnifibre Vibra Clip ATP Vibration Dampener.

Can you buy Swiatek’s tennis racket online?

Yes, You can find Iga’s racket for sale on most good online shops including through the official Tecnifibre website.