Wilson Ultra vs Clash 100

The Wilson Ultra 100 and the Wilson Clash 100 are two of Wilson’s best selling tennis rackets and it is easy to see why as they both offer a great balance of power, control and spin for beginner to intermediate tennis players.

The Ultra 100 is in its third version whereas the Clash 100 is in its second version.

There is no confirmation from Wilson as of yet as to when Version 4 of the Ultra 100 and Version 3 of the Clash 100 will be released but it is likely that new versions will be released sometime in 2022 or 2023.

Wilson Ultra vs Clash 100
Wilson Ultra vs Clash 100

Comparison of the Wilson Ultra 100 and Clash 100

Racket Specs – Wilson Ultra 100 vs Clash 100

Both tennis rackets share a lot of similarities including both having a 100in head size, a racket length of 27in and a 16 x 19 string pattern.

In terms of weight, the Wilson Ultra 100 has a slightly higher strung weight (316g vs 312g) but the Wilson Clash has a heavier swing weight but you won’t feel a huge difference in terms of weight when you are swinging these two rackets.

The Wilson Clash 100 is more headlight than the Ultra 100 so it is slightly more manoeuvrable when you are at the net.

In terms of stiffness rating, the Wilson Ultra 100 has a relatively high stiffness rating of 73 so it would not be ideal for anyone who has suffered from tennis elbow in the past.

In contrast, the Clash 100 has a super low stiffness rating (57) for a racket of its type so it would be a good choice for anyone looking for an arm friendly tennis racket.

Wilson Ultra 100VSWilson Clash 100
Wilson Ultra 100Image:Wilson Clash 100 V2
100inHead Size:100in
316g (11.1oz)Strung Weight:312g (11.0oz)
4 pts HLBalance:7 pts HL
24.5mm – 26mm – 23.5mmBeam Width:24.5mm
Carbon Fiber GraphiteComposition:Graphite
Black, Blue and SilverRacket Colours: Black, Grey and Red
16 Mains * 19 CrossesString Pattern:16 Mains * 19 Crosses
22.5-27.25kg / 50-60lbsString Tension Range:21-26kg / 48-58lbs
Check Price on AmazonRacket Price: Check Price on Amazon


If you are unsure about whether you should buy the Wilson Ultra 100 or the Wilson Clash 100, then I have listed some of my recommendations below based on some typical tennis player types.

As always, I would recommend that you take advantage of one of the tennis demo programs available online so that you can properly demo each racket before you commit to buying either racket.

Beginner Tennis Players

Although there isn’t a huge difference in terms of racket specs between the two rackets, I definitely feel like the Wilson Clash 100 would be better suited to a beginner tennis player as it has a slightly better balance of power, spin and control than the Wilson Ultra 100.

Intermediate Tennis Players

Both of these rackets would suit most Intermediate Tennis Players but if you pushed me to pick one over the other, I would go with the Wilson Clash 100 as I love the feel of the clash line of rackets and the arm friendly nature of the racket will save you a lot of pain down the line.

Advanced Tennis Players

I think most advanced tennis players will want a slightly heavier and more control-oriented racket than either of these two rackets e.g. Wilson Clash 98.

One Handed Backhand Players

I wouldn’t recommend either of these two rackets for a one-handed backhand player as they both have the level of control needed to hit an effective one handed backhand. You can check out our guide on the Best Tennis Rackets for One Handed Backhands for our recommendations.

Players with Tennis Elbow

If you want an arm friendly racket that will help with your tennis elbow then the Clash 100 hands down is the best racket of the two to go for as its stiffness rating is considerable lower than the Ultra 100.

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