Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 vs 100

The Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 was one of my favorite rackets to play with when I was first getting into tennis, as it was an excellent control racket, and was a dream to hit my one handed backhand with.

The one downside to the racket was its weight (323g unstrung) which meant my arm would feel tired if I played longer than an hour with it, and this was the main reason I switched to playing with lighter control rackets like the RF97 and the Clash 98.

So when I heard that Wilson was releasing a lighter Six One 100 version of the racket, I was super excited to see how the two rackets would compare to each other.

Wilson Pro Staff Six One 95 vs 100

Rackets Specs Comparison – Six One 95 vs 100

Main Differences: The Six One 100 has a bigger head size (100in vs 95in), a lower strung weight (11.4oz vs 12.2oz), a lower swing weight (326 vs 327), a lower frame stiffness rating (65 vs 67), a thicker beam width (22.5mm vs 21.0mm), a more open string pattern (16 x 19 vs 18 x 20), and a less head light balance (6 pts HL vs 9 pts HL) when compared with the Six One 95.

Specs:Six.One 95Six.One 100
Year Released:2023 (V14)2023 (V14)
Design:Wilson Pro Staff V14Wilson Pro Staff V14
Head Size:95in100in
Strung Weight:346g (12.2oz)323g (11.40oz)
Unstrung Weight:333g (11.75oz)305g (10.7oz)
Swing weight:327326
Balance:9 pts HL6 pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating:6765
Power:LowLow to Medium
Player Level:AdvancedIntermediate to Advanced
Beam Width:21mm22.5mm
String Pattern:18 x 2016 x 19
Main Skips:8T,10T,8H,10H8T,7H,9H
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceWilson Pro Performance
String Tension:50-60lbs50-60lbs

Head to Head

The Six One 95 is much better in terms of control but the Six One 100 is the better option in terms of power, spin, and comfort.

PowerWinner Grey
SpinWinner Grey
Arm FriendlinessWinner

Player Level Recommendations

The Six.One 95 is best used by advanced tennis players as it is a very low powered frame that requires you to have good technique on your shots.

The Six.One 100 will be the much better option for intermediate players as it gives you more help in terms of power and is a lot more forgiving.

I wouldn’t recommend either racket to beginners as they are both relatively heavy frames with small sweet spots.

Player Level95100

Pro Player Endorsements

Wilson’s pro staff range of tennis rackets is endorsed by a number of top players on the ATP and WTA Tours including Grigor Dimitrov, Ons Jabeur, and Dan Evans.

Where can you buy these tennis rackets?

The rackets are for sale in most good online tennis shops and on the official Wilson website.