Camila Giorgi Racket

Camila Giorgi is the current Italian No. 1 female tennis player and has been ranked as high as number 26 in the WTA Singles Ranking.

Camila has won four WTA titles with her biggest career success to date being the singles title at the WTA 1000 event in Montreal in 2021.

This article will look at what racket Giorgi is playing with on the WTA Tour in 2023.

Camila Giorgi Racket

What Racket Does Camila Giorgi play with in 2023?

Giorgi had previously played with Babolat rackets but in early 2020, she switched to playing with the Yonex Vcore 98.

The Vcore 98 is available to purchase from Amazon and if you purchase using the link below you will be helping to support our blog as we will earn a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you.

Yonex Vcore 98 Racket Specs (Retail Version)

Below are the racket specs for the retail version of the Vcore 98 (2021).

NB: Giorgi is likely to play with a customized version of the Vcore 98.

Name:Yonex Vcore 98
Design:Yonex Vcore 98
Head Size:98 Inches
Length:27 Inches
Strung Weight:323g
String Pattern:16 x 19
TW Stiffness Rating:66
Balance:6 pts Head Light
Beam Width:22.5mm / 23mm / 21mm
Power Level:Low to Medium

The Vcore 98 has similar specs to other 98in head size rackets like the Wilson Clash 98 and the Wilson Blade 98 in terms of strung weight (323g), racket length (27in), and swing weight (321g), so advanced club players are likely to get the most out of it.

Also like many other modern frames, it has a head light balance which helps make it more maneuverable on the net.

In terms of its stiffness rating, it has a relatively high stiffness rating (66) so may not be the best option for someone with tennis elbow issues.

Does Camila Giorgi actually play with the Yonex Vcore 98?

Unlike many other professional players who use completely different rackets to the ones they endorse, it does appear that Camila Giorgi is actually using the Yonex Vcore 98 and it is not simply another frame painted to look like the Vcore 98.

However, it is likely that Camila will have customized her version somewhat i.e. by adding lead tape to increase the weight.

Should a Recreational Player Play with the Yonex Vcore 98?

Compared to other rackets used by other top pros such as Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic, the Vcore 98 is within the reach of intermediate to advanced recreational players as its strung and swing weights are not too excessive.

It would best suit someone who has a full swing and is able to generate their own power.

The Vcore 98 would also be a good option for attacking players and players who like to hit the ball flat.

However, I would not recommend this frame to beginners as it has a relatively small sweet spot and is too heavy for most beginners.

Where can I buy the Yonex Vcore 98 online?

The Yonex Vcore 98 is available from most online shops like Tennis Warehouse, Tennis Express, and Amazon.

What Tennis Strings Does Camila Giorgi Use?

Camila currently uses Yonex Polytour Strike for her strings, which are polyester monofilament strings that are targeted at players looking for a good balance of control, comfort, and feel from their strings.

Does Camila Giorgi play with a Vibration Dampener?

No, from looking at matches she has played it appears that Camila Giorgi does not use a vibration dampener.