Yonex Vcore 98 vs Ezone 98

The Yonex Vcore 98 and Yonex Ezone 98 are two good options for advanced players who are looking for a tennis racket with good power and spin, with the Vcore 98 being slightly more spin-friendly and the Ezone 98 having slightly more power.

In this article, I will look at the racket specs of the Vcore 98 and the Ezone 98 to see how these two frames compare to each another.

Yonex Vcore 98 vs Ezone 98

Yonex Vcore 98 vs Ezone 98

In the comparison below I have used the 2023 version of the Yonex Vcore 98 (or “YV98”) and the 2022 version of the Yonex Ezone 98 (or “YE98”).

Racket Specs

Racket Specs:Yonex Vcore 98Yonex Ezone 98
Design:Yonex Vcore 2023Yonex Ezone 98
Head Size:98in98in
Racket Length:27in27in
Strung Weight:323g318g
Unstrung Weight305g305g
Balance:6 pts HL6 pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating:6265
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Player Level:AdvancedAdvanced
Beam Width:23.0mm/23.0mm/21.0mm23.5mm/24.5mm/19.5mm
Racket Colours:Red and BlueBlue and Black
String Pattern:16 x 1916 x 19
Main Skips:8T,8H8T,8H
Grip Type:Yonex Synthetic GripYonex Synthetic Grip

Head Size

Both the YV98 and YE98 rackets have a 98in Mid plus head size.

Racket Length

The YV98 and YE98 have a standard racket length of 27 inches.

Strung Weight

The stung weight of the YV98 (323g) is 5g heavier than the strung weight of the YE98 (318g), so the Vcore 98 will feel slightly heavier in your hand.

Both the YV98 and the YE98 would be considered to be relatively heavy rackets to play with, especially for beginners.

Unstrung Weight

Both rackets have an unstrung weight of 305g.

Swing Weight

Both rackets have a swing weight of 318g, so they will feel relatively heavy to swing (especially for beginner to intermediate players).


Both rackets have a 6pts HL balance, which will suit players who have a full swing and good technique.

Stiffness Rating

The YV98 (62) has a slightly lower stiffness rating when compared with the YE98 (65) but the difference isn’t huge.

Both frames have a medium to high stiffness rating so they would not be considered particularly arm friendly.


The YV98 and YE98 are both low to medium powered frames so you are going to need to be able to generate your own power on your shots from good technique and a full swing.

Out of the two rackets, the Ezone 98 is definitely the more powerful.

Recommended Player Level

Both the YV98 and YE98 are best suited to advanced tennis players and aren’t suitable for a beginner to play with.

Beam Width

The YV98 (23.0/23.0/21.0) has a thinner beam width when compared with the YE98 (23.5/24.5/19.5) which means you will get more help with power generation from the Ezone 98.

String Pattern

Both rackets have a 16 x 19 open string pattern which will help you add more spin to your shots.

Grip Type

Both rackets have a standard Yonex Synthetic Grip.

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