Wilson Clash 98 Vs Clash 100

Since their launch, The Clash series of Rackets from Wilson have become very popular with recreational tennis players with the Clash 98 and Clash 100 being two of the most popular models.

This article will look at the characteristics and specs of both rackets so you can decide which might be a better fit for your game.

I was recently searching for a new racket to replace my Wilson Pro Staff RF97 Autograph as I wanted a more arm friendly racket to help with the tennis elbow issues I have had in the past.

I had heard a lot about the Clash Series and their low stiffness rating so I decided to demo the Clash 98 and the Clash 100 to see which gave the best balance between power, control, spin and arm friendliness.

Wilson Clash 98 Vs Clash 100
Wilson Clash 98 Vs Clash 100

Comparison of the Wilson Clash 98 and Clash 100

Racket Specs – Wilson Clash 98 vs Clash 100

As you would expect, the specs of both rackets aren’t worlds apart as both are 27in long rackets, with relatively thick beams and a low stiffness rating. The main difference between the two rackets is their weights, with the Clash 98 weighing around a half ounce more than the Clash 100.

The Clash 98 is also slightly more head light than the Clash 100 but it isn’t a huge difference so you will not notice much of a difference when you are swinging the rackets.

Wilson Clash 98VSWilson Clash 100
Wilson ClashRacket:Wilson Clash
98inHead Size:100in
326g (11.5oz)Strung Weight:312g (11.0oz)
8 pts HLBalance:7 pts HL
60 RAStiffness:57 RA
24mmBeam Width:24.5mm
Black, Grey and RedRacket Colours: Black, Grey and Red
16 Mains / 20 CrossesString Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses
21-26kg / 48-58lbsString Tension Range:21-26kg / 48-58lbs
Check Price on AmazonPrice: Check Price on Amazon


If you are unsure about whether you should buy the Wilson Clash 98 or the Wilson Clash 100, then I have listed some of my recommendations below based on some typical tennis player types.

As always, I would recommend that you take advantage of one of the tennis demo programs available online before making a final decision on which tennis racket to buy.

Beginner Tennis Players

Although there isn’t a huge difference in specs between the two rackets, I definitely feel like the Clash 100 would be better suited to a beginner tennis player as you will get some extra power on your shots with the Clash 100.

Intermediate Tennis Players

I believe Intermediate tennis players could use either of these two rackets as they both give a good balance of power, control and spin.

My one tip would be that if you like more control from your racket then go for the Clash 98 whereas if you want more power go for the Clash 100.

Advanced Tennis Players

Advanced Tennis Players will definitely gravitate towards the Clash 98 as the additional weight and control you get with the Clash 98 is more suited to advanced tennis players.

One Handed Backhand Players

The Clash 98 is by far the best choice for One Handed Backhand Players as you need the extra weight and control you get with the Clash 98 to hit an effective one handed backhand.

With the Clash 100, I found I could not go for my shots as much on my backhand side.

Players with Tennis Elbow

Both of these rackets are ideal for tennis players who have had issues with tennis elbow as they both have a very low stiffness rating of 57 and 60 RA.

However, I would have to give the edge to the Clash 100 as it felt it was a little easier on my arm and elbow than the Clash 98.

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