Wilson Blade 98 vs Head Speed MP

The Wilson Blade 98 and the Head Speed MP are both very popular amongst intermediate to advanced recreational tennis players.

The Head Speed MP is endorsed by tennis pros Jannik Sinner, Bianca Andreescu, and Karolina Muchova while the Wilson Blade 98 is endorsed by Stefanos Tsitsipas, Simona Halep, and Emma Raducanu.

This article will hopefully help you to figure out which of these two tennis rackets will suit your game better.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Head Speed MP

Wilson Blade 98 and Head Speed MP

For this racket comparison, we will be using the 2022 Version of the Head Speed MP and the V8 of the Wilson Blade 98.

I have included the 16×19 version of the Blade 98 as it is more similar to the Speed MP than the 18×20 version of the Blade 98.

Racket Specs – Wilson Blade 98 vs Head Speed MP

Racket Specs:Wilson Blade 98Head Speed MP
Racket:Wilson Blade 98Head Speed MP 2022
Head Size:98in100in
Strung Weight:320g (11.3oz)315g (11.1oz)
Balance:5 Pts HL4 pts HL
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Beam Width:21.0 mm23.0 mm
Racket Colours:Green and BlackBlack and White
String Pattern:16×1916×19
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceHead Hydrosorb Pro

Racket Length and Head Size

The obvious difference between the two rackets is their head size with the Speed MP having a 100 sq in head size and the Blade 98 having a 98 sq in head size.

Generally speaking, players with a one handed backhand tend to gravitate to rackets with a sub 100 sq in head size while players with a two handed backhand prefer a racket with at least a 100 sq head size.

In terms of racket length, both rackets are a standard 27 inches long.


The Blade 98 (5 pts HL) is slightly more head light than the Speed MP (4 pts HL) so again it will favor players with a single handed backhand.

Strung Weight and Swing Weight

The two tennis rackets have a similar strung weight with the Blade 98 (320g) being slightly heavier than the Speed MP (315g).

However, this is reversed when you look at the swing weight of the two rackets as the Speed MP (323g), feels much heavier to swing due to it having a less head light balance when compared with the Blade 98 (317g).

Stiffness Rating

Both tennis rackets have a similar stiffness rating at 61 for the Wilson Clash 98 and 62 for the Head Speed MP so both would be considered to be relatively arm friendly rackets to hit with.

However, I would definitely have to give the edge to the Blade 98 in terms of which racket is the most comfortable to play with.

Beam Width

The Blade 98 has a thinner beam width than the Speed MP so you will definitely find it easier to get power with the Speed MP when compared with the Blade 98.

However, the Blade 98 is the winner in terms of which racket has more control.


If you looking for some help from your tennis racket in terms of power then the Head Speed MP will give you more help than the Blade 98.

However, you will probably be better off going with the Babolat Pure Drive or the Wilson Clash 100 if you are looking for a racket that gives you a good amount of power.

String Pattern

Both of these tennis rackets have a 16×19 string pattern so they will be good for players who like to hit balls with lots of topspin from the baseline


I am not a big fan of the design of the V8 versions of the Blade 98 as I much preferred the design of the V7 Blades.

In my opinion, the Speed MP has a nicer design and is more aesthetically pleasing.


Both of these rackets are available to buy on online shops such as Tennis Warehouse, and Tennis-Point.


If you are a beginner to intermediate tennis player then I would recommend that you go for the Head Speed MP over the Wilson Blade 98 as it is easier to generate power and it has a larger sweet spot.

If you are more of an advanced tennis player who can generate their own power then the extra control you get with the Wilson Blade 98 makes it a much better racket (especially if you use a one handed backhand).

In terms of different playing styles, the Blade 98 will suit players with an all-court game while the Speed MP is best suited to players who like to play from the baseline.