Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Clash 100

The Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Clash 100 are both great all round rackets that are very popular at the recreational level as they offer good power and spin on your shots without sacrificing too much in the way of control.

In my search for the perfect tennis racket for my game, I have played with both rackets so I am in the ideal position to do a comparison of the Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Clash 100.

Comparison of the Babolat Pure Drive and Wilson Clash 100

Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Clash 100

Racket Specs – Babolat Pure Drive vs Wilson Clash 100

In terms of similarities, both tennis rackets have a 100in head size, a racket length of 27in, a 16 x 19 string pattern, and a graphite composition.

In terms of weight, the Babolat Pure Drive is slightly heavier than the Wilson Clash 100 with a strung weight of 318g versus the 312g strung weight of the Clash 100.

The Pure Drive also has a heavier swing weight and is less headlight than the Clash 100 so it will be slightly less maneuverable.

When it comes to stiffness rating, the Pure Drive has a much higher stiffness rating than the Clash 100, which means it is likely to be a lot less arm friendly than the Clash 100.

Babolat Pure DrivevsWilson Clash 100
Babolat Pure DriveRacket:Wilson Clash 100 V2
100inHead Size:100in
318g (11.2oz)Strung Weight:312g (11.0oz)
4pts HLBalance:7 pts HL
71 RAStiffness:57 RA
23mm / 26mm / 23mmBeam Width:24.5mm
BlueRacket Colours: Black, Grey and Red
16 Mains * 19 CrossesString Pattern:16 Mains * 19 Crosses
22-27kg / 50-59lbsString Tension Range:21-26kg / 48-58lbs
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If you are not sure whether you should get the Babolat Pure Drive or the Wilson Clash 100 as your new racket, then I have listed below some of my recommendations based on some typical player types.

Before purchasing either of these two tennis rackets. I would recommend that you take advantage of one of the tennis demo programs provided by the big online tennis shops so that you can be sure that the racket suits your game.

Beginner-Intermediate Tennis Players

In my opinion, both the Pure Drive and the Clash 100 would make great tennis rackets for beginners and intermediate tennis players as they both will help you generate good power and topspin on your shots.

If you were to push me to pick one, I would probably go for the Clash 100 as its low stiffness rating is a big plus for me.

Advanced Tennis Players

More advanced tennis players will probably opt for the Pure Drive as the extra bit of weight and control you get with the Pure Drive will be more suited to advanced tennis players.

The Clash 98 racket may be a bitter fit for advanced players looking for a more arm friendly racket that still provides a good amount of control.

One Handed Backhand Players

I would not recommend either of these rackets to someone looking for the Best Tennis Racket for a One Handed Backhand as I found both rackets lacked the control needed to hit an effective single handed backhand.

Players with Tennis Elbow

If you are a tennis player that has had tennis elbow issues in the past then I would definitely recommend the Clash 100 over the Pure Drive as I found that my arm was more painful after playing 2 hours with the pure drive versus playing two hours with the Clash 100.