Wilson Clash 100 vs Head Speed MP

The Wilson Clash 100 and the Head Speed MP are both good all round tennis rackets that suit recreational/club players looking for a tennis racket that offers a good mix of power, spin, and control.

The Head Speed MP is endorsed by tennis pros Jannik Sinner, Bianca Andreescu, and Karolina Muchova while the Wilson Clash 100 is not currently endorsed by any tennis pro as it is aimed more at recreational and club players.

This article will look at the differences between the two tennis rackets in terms of racket specs as well as provide some recommendations based on some common playing styles.

Wilson Clash 100 vs Head Speed MP

Wilson Clash 100 and Head Speed MP Differences

For this racket comparison, we will be using the 2022 Version of the Head Speed MP and the V2 of the Wilson Clash 100.

Racket Specs – Wilson Clash 100 vs Head Speed MP

Wilson Clash 100Head Speed MP
Racket:Wilson Clash 100 V2Head Speed MP 2022
Head Size:100in100in
Strung Weight:312g (11.0oz)315g (11.1oz)
Balance:7 Pts HL4 pts HL
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Beam Width:24.5mm23mm
Racket Colours:Cherry RedBlack and White
String Pattern:16×1916×19
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceHead Hydrosorb Pro


Both of these rackets have a head light balance with the Clash 100 (7pts HL) being more head light than the Speed MP (4pts HL).

As the Clash 100 is more head light and has a lower swing weight, it will feel easier to swing than the Speed MP.

Strung Weight and Swing Weight

Both rackets have nearly an identical strung weight with the Speed MP (315g) being slightly heavier than the Clash 100 (312g).

However, there is a bigger difference in terms of swing weight as the Head Speed MP (323g), feels much heavier to swing due to it having a less head light balance when compared with the Wilson Clash 100 (313g).

Stiffness Rating

Both tennis rackets have a relatively low stiffness at 57 for the Clash 100 and 62 for the Speed MP so both would be considered to be arm friendly rackets.

However, I would definitely have to give the edge to the Clash 100 in terms of which racket is the most comfortable to play with.

Beam Width

The Speed MP has a thinner beam width than the Clash 100 so you definitely get more power from the Clash 100 and more control from the Speed MP.


If you looking for some help from your tennis racket in terms of power then the Clash 100 is hands down the better option as its thicker beam width and lower swing weight makes it much easier to generate power when compared with the Speed MP.

String Pattern

Both of these tennis rackets have a 16×19 string pattern so they will be good for players who like to hit balls from the baseline with lots of topspin.

Racket Length and Head Size

Both tennis rackets have the standard 100in head size and 27in racket length.


I wasn’t overly impressed with the design of either tennis racket but I probably would prefer the design of the Head Speed MP as I am not a fan of the red cherry color of the Clash V2 rackets.


Both of these rackets are available to buy on online shops such as Amazon, Tennis Warehouse, and Tennis-Point.


If you are a beginner to intermediate tennis player then I would recommend that you go for the Wilson Clash 100 over the Head Speed MP as it gives you more free power and it is more forgiving of off-center hits.

If you are more of an advanced tennis player who can generate their own power then the extra control you get with the Head Speed MP makes it the better racket for you.

In terms of different playing styles, both rackets are better suited to playing from the baseline than at the net.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our comparison of the Wilson Clash 100 vs Head Speed MP.

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