Wilson Clash V2 Rackets

Wilson has launched its #ClashAroundTheWorld social media campaign for the release of the new Wilson Clash V2 Rackets.

As a part of the campaign, Wilson hid over 20 Wilson V2 rackets in Los Angeles, Sydney, and other major cities around the world for customers to find.

Wilson Clash V2 Rackets

Wilson Clash V1 vs V2

The most obvious difference between the Wilson Clash V2 and the V1 version is the new paint job the new Wilson Clash V2 rackets have got.

They are now a nice cherry red color which makes the rackets look more slick and stylish and are in line with the look of the Blade 98 V8s.

The new clash rackets also incorporate the FORTYFIVE technology from the Blade 98 V8 racket which promises more flexibility and frame stability so that you have a better feel on your shots.

Wilson has also changed the string pattern on the Clash 98 V2 and Clash 100 Pro V2 from a 16×19 string pattern to a 16×20 string pattern.

This should help those who liked the first version of the Clash 98 or Clash 100 Pro but wanted more control over the racket.

When can I get the new Wilson Clash V2 Rackets?

The Wilson Clash V2 rackets went on general sale in early March but you were able to get early access to the rackets via wilson.com from the 18th of February 2022.

The Clash V2 Rackets are now on sale at most online tennis shops like Tennis Warehouse, Tennis-Point, and Amazon.

What are the specs of the new Wilson Clash V2 Rackets?

When comparing the Wilson Clash V1 vs V2, there aren’t huge differences in terms of specs with the main difference being the string pattern changes for the Clash 98 and Clash 100 Pro.

Also, version 2 of the Clash 98 and Clash 100 Pro rackets are now 8pts head light which is slightly less head light than version 1 (9pts head light).

There are also some small differences in terms of the strung weight of all the Clash V2 rackets but the difference is not huge (See a summary of the specs below).

Racket SpecsClash 98 V2Clash 100 V2Clash 100 Pro V2Clash 100L V2Clash 100UL V2Clash 108 V2Clash 26 V2Clash 25 V2
String Pattern:16 x 2016 x 1916 x 2016 x 1916 x 1916 x 1916 x 1916 x 19
Balance:8pts HL7pts HL8pts HL6pts HL1pts HLEven BalanceEven Balance4 pts HH
Strung Weight:326g309g326g296g281g297g260g255g
Stiffness Rating:60 RA59 RA57 RA55 RA63 RA63 RA
Check Price:Check PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck PriceCheck Price

Wilson has also launched some new tennis bags to suit the new color scheme of the Wilson Clash V2 Rackets.