Head Speed MP vs Boom MP

The Head Speed MP and Head Boom MP tennis rackets are aimed at intermediate and advanced players who are looking for some power from their racket without sacrificing too much control.

The Speed MP is endorsed by Jannik Sinner and Bianca Andreescu while the Boom MP is endorsed by Coco Gauff.

This article will look at the specs of both rackets so you can see which may suit your game better!

Head Speed MP vs Boom MP

Head Speed MP vs Boom MP Comparison

For this comparison, we will be using the 2022 Version of both the Head Speed MP (or “SMP”) and Head Boom MP (or “BMP”).

Racket Specs

Specs:Speed MPBoom MP
Version:20222022 (V1)
Design:Head Speed MP 2022Head Boom
Head Size:100in100in
Strung Weight:315g (11.1oz)315g (11.1oz)
Balance:4 pts HL5 pts HL
Beam Width:23.0mm23.5mm / 24.5mm / 23.5mm
Head CPI500600
Colors:Black and WhiteBlack and Coral
String Pattern:16 x 1916 x 19

Head Size and Length

Both the SMP and the BMP have a 100in head size and a 27in length.

Strung Weight, Swing Weight, and Balance

Both rackets have a strung weight of 315g (or 11.1oz) but the SMP (323g) is slightly heavier than the BMP (318g) in terms of swing weight so it should be the more maneuverable of the two rackets.

The main reason that the BMP has a lower swing weight is that the BMP (5 pts HL) has a more head light balance than the SMP (4 pts HL).

Stiffness Rating

The BMP (64) has a slightly higher stiffness rating when compared with the SMP (62) but both of these rackets would be considered relatively arm friendly.

Beam Width, Power, and Control

The BMP has a thicker beam width (23.5mm / 24.5mm / 23.5mm) than the SMP (23.0mm) so you will get more help from the BMP in terms of power.

However, the Speed MP will be better in terms of control.

Head CPI

The Boom MP has a CPI of 600 while the Speed MP has a CPI of 500 so as mentioned above, it will be easier to generate power on your shots with the BMP.

In terms of power, the BMP would be similar to the Gravity S, Speed MP L, and the Extreme MP which all have a CPI of 600.

With a CPI of 500, the SMP would be similar to the Prestige MP L, Gravity MP L, and the Extreme Tour tennis rackets in terms of power.

String Pattern

Both the BMP and the SMP have a 16 x 19 string pattern so if you like hitting top spin on your shots then you will like this string pattern.


Although I wouldn’t recommend either of these two rackets to beginners, I definitely think the BMP is the better of the two if you are buying your first tennis racket as it has a lower swing weight and is easier to generate power with.

If you are an intermediate tennis player then either of these tennis rackets could be a good option for you.

If you are an intermediate player who struggles with power then go for the BMP but if you want more control from your racket then go for the SMP.

For advanced players, the extra control you get with the SMP makes it the best option for you.