Babolat Pure Strike vs Wilson Clash 100 Pro

The Babolat Pure Strike 16 x19 and the Wilson Clash 100 Pro are both good options for advanced recreational players who want a racket that offers good power and spin.

In this article, I will look at the specs of both rackets to see how they compare to each other.

Babolat Pure Strike vs Wilson Clash 100

Racket Specs Comparison – Clash vs Pure Strike

NB: For the comparison below I have used the 3rd generation of the Pure Strike and the V2 of the Clash 100 Pro.

Main Differences: The Clash 100 Pro has a bigger head size (100in vs 98in), a more head light balance (12pts HL vs 7pts HL), a lower stiffness rating (59 vs 66), a thicker beam width (24.5mm vs 23mm), and an extra cross string (16×20 vs 16×19).

Similarities: Both rackets have a 27in racket length, a very similar strung (326g (11.50oz) vs 327g (11.54oz)), and swing weights (325g (11.46oz) vs 327g (11.54oz)).

Pure StrikevsClash 100
3rd GenerationVersion:V2
Babolat Pure StrikeDesign:Wilson Clash 100 V2
98inHead Size:100in
27inRacket Length:27in
323g (11.39oz)Strung Weight:326g (11.50oz)
300g (10.58oz)Unstrung Weight:310g (10.93oz)
327Swing weight:325
7pts HLBalance Point:12pts HL
66Frame Stiffness:59
Low to MediumPower:Low to Medium
Intermediate to AdvancedPlayer Level:Intermediate to Advanced
21mm/23mm/21mmBeam Width:24.5mm/24.5mm/24.5mm
Coral and WhiteMain Color:Red Cherry
16 x 19String Pattern:16 x 20
8T,8HMain Skips:7T,9T,7H,9H
Syntec TeamGrip Type:Pro Performance

Head to Head

The Clash 100 is slightly better in terms of power and arm friendliness*, with the Pure Strike (or “PS”) winning in terms of control and spin.

H2HPSClash 100
PowerWinner Grey
SpinWinner Grey
Arm FriendlinessWinner

Player Recommendations

Both rackets are best suited to intermediate to advanced tennis players as they both offer good levels of spin and control.

Player LevelPSClash 100

Pro Player Endorsements

The Pure Strike 16×19 is currently endorsed by Cameron Norrie and Alize Cornet, while the Clash 100 Pro is not currently endorsed by any pro players as it is aimed more at recreational players.

Where can you buy these rackets online?

The rackets are available to buy on most good online tennis ships and through the official Babolat and Wilson websites.