Wilson Blade 98 vs Pro Staff 97

This article will look at the racket specs of the Wilson Blade 98 and the Wilson Pro Staff 97 to see how the two tennis rackets compare to each other.

Both of these rackets are popular with recreational players, especially those who like to hit a single-handed backhand.

The Blade 98 is currently endorsed by tennis pros like Stefanos Tsitsipas, Simona Halep, and Emma Raducanu, while the Pro Staff 97 is endorsed by Grigor Dimitrov, Ons Jabeur, and Petra Kvitova.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Pro Staff 97

Wilson Blade 98 vs Pro Staff 97 Comparison

Both of these tennis rackets have many different versions but for this comparison, I will be looking at the Wilson Blade V8 16×19 and the Wilson Pro Staff 97 V14.

Racket Specs Comparison

Main Differences: The Wilson Blade 98 has a bigger head size (98in vs 97in), a lower strung weight (320g vs 332g), a lower swing weight (317 vs 321), a less head light balance (5 pts HL vs 7 pts HL), a lower stiffness rating (61 vs 66), and a thinner beam width (21mm vs 21.5mm).

Similarities: Both rackets have the same racket length (27in), string pattern (16 x 19), and come with a Wilson Pro Performance grip as standard.

Specs:Blade 98Pro Staff 97
Design:Wilson Blade 98Wilson Pro Staff 97
Head Size:98in97in
Strung Weight:320g (11.3oz)332g (11.7oz)
Balance:5 pts HL7 pts HL
Beam Width:21.0 mm21.5 mm
Colors:Green and BlackBlack
String Pattern:16×1916×19
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceWilson Pro Performance

See below for a short video summarising the differences between the two rackets.

Head Size and Length

It won’t come as a surprise to anyone that the Blade 98 has a head size of 98in while the ProStaff97 has a head size of 97in, with both rackets having a standard 27in racket length.

Having played with 97in and 98in tennis rackets in the past, there isn’t a huge difference between the two but I have always felt like the sweet spot on 98in frames is slightly bigger than on 97in frames.

Strung Weight, Swing Weight, and Balance

The Pro Staff 97 (332g (11.7oz)) has a much higher strung weight when compared with the Blade 98 (320g (11.3oz)) so the ProStaff97 will feel heavier in your hand and you may find that you get tired more quickly playing with the ProStaff97.

However, the swing weight of the ProStaff97 (321g) is much closer to that of the Blade 98 (317g).

This is mainly due to the ProStaff97 (7 pts HL) having a more head light balance than the Blade 98 (5 pts HL).

Stiffness Rating

The ProStaff97 (66) has a relatively stiff frame when compared to the Blade 98 (61) so the Blade 98 will definitely be the more arm friendly of the two rackets to play with.

Beam Width

The Blade 98 has a slightly thinner beam width than the ProStaff97 but the difference is very small so both will have a similar amount of control and power potential.

String Pattern

Both rackets have a 16×19 string pattern so they will be a good option for players who like hitting balls with lots of spin from the baseline.

Racket Recommendations

If you are a beginner to intermediate player then I would not recommend that you play with either of these two rackets as they are heavy frames that require you to have good technique to get the most out of them.

However, if you are more of an advanced player who has a full swing and who can generate their own power then either of these two tennis rackets will be a good option (especially if you play with a one-handed backhand).

However, I would recommend that most advanced tennis players pick the Blade 98 rather than the Pro Staff 97 as I believe the lower swing weight and stiffness rating will suit a larger proportion of recreational tennis players.