Pink Tennis Bags

Seeing as Christmas is just around the corner, I thought I would publish some articles on some Christmas gift ideas for recreational players.

My first gift idea is a pink tennis bag for that special someone in your life.

Before I started my research, I thought it would be easy to find a good selection of pink colored bags on the market but instead, I found it hard to find nice ones that were also affordable.

So hopefully, this article will save you the bother of searching the web by providing you with the best options all in one place.

Best Pink Tennis Bags

5 Best Pink Tennis Bags

1. HEAD Elite

AmazonHEAD Elite Tennis Racket Bag

The HEAD Elite is my top pick for a pink bag as it looks great, has tons of space for your gear, and is well designed with two compartments for your rackets, and side compartments for your phone/wallet/purse/towels, and other accessories.

This model has space for up to six rackets but you have the option of buying the 12 Racket model if you need more space.

However, most recreational players will have no more than 1 or 2 rackets with them at any time so this leaves tons of room to hold a jumper, towel, balls, or other gear in the six racket model.

2. Ame & Lulu 3

AmazonAme & Lulu

This Ame & Lulu 3 designer bag is very stylish and holds up to three rackets.

It also comes with a detachable shoulder strap, three interior slip pockets, and 2 zip pockets (1 interior and 1 exterior) where you can put a can of balls, overgrips, etc…

The Ame & Lulu 3 offers plenty of space for your gear and is very stylish, however, this comes at a premium so if you purely want a functional racket bag then you may be better off going for something like the HEAD Elite detailed above.

3. Wilson Advantage II

AmazonWilson Advantage II

If you are looking for a tennis gift for under $50 then the Wilson Advantage II is a good option.

It can hold up to two rackets and has a separate compartment for your accessories.

The bag looks great but because of the lower price, it wouldn’t have the same feel of quality as the HEAD Elite or Ame & Lulu bags.

Although you can have up to two rackets, It is best used with one racket so you have room for other tennis gear and accessories.

If you are a casual player then Wilson Advantage II will do just fine but if you take the game more seriously and you have multiple rackets then you will probably be better off getting a bigger and more sturdy bag like the Head Elite (12R model).

4. Tannius 3

AmazonTannius 3 Racket Bag

The Tannius 3 is a great value option for a tennis racket bag that offers tons of space for up to 3 rackets including specifically designed separate compartments for your shoes and your mobile phone.

The main advantage of the Tannius 3 is the amount of stuff you can fit into the bag as it can comfortably hold 3 rackets, balls, towels, and any other gear you might have.

There is a good photo on the website that illustrates just how much you can fit into it.


AmazonRZMAYIS 3 Racket Tennis Bag

The final option on the list is the RZMAYIS 3 which is a budget racket bag that can hold up to 3 rackets.

It has one large compartment where you keep your rackets and a zipper pocket for smaller items like balls, keys, wallet, etc…

Out of the five options that I have looked at, the RZMAYIS 3 is by far the most lightweight so if you just have one racket and you don’t want to be carrying around a massive bag then the RZMAYIS 3 might be the perfect choice for you.