Babolat Pure Aero vs Wilson Ultra 100

The Babolat Pure Aero and the Wilson Ultra 100 are good all-round tennis rackets that provide a good mix of power, spin, and control to suit a wide range of tennis players.

The Pure Aero is famously endorsed by Rafael Nadal while the Ultra 100 is endorsed by top tennis pros including Kei Nishikori, Victoria Azarenka, and Maria Sakkari.

This post will look at the racket specs of both tennis rackets so you can see how they compare to each other.

Babolat Pure Aero vs Wilson Ultra 100 V4

Babolat Pure Aero vs Wilson Ultra 100

For this racket comparison, we will compare the Babolat Pure Aero 2023 (V7) to the Wilson Ultra 100 V4.

Racket Specs Comparison

Racket Specs:Babolat Pure Aero 2023Wilson Ultra 100
Racket:Babolat Pure Aero 2023Wilson Ultra 100 V4
Head Size:100in100in
Racket Length:27in27in
Strung Weight:318g (11.2oz)318g (11.2oz)
Balance:4 Pts HL4 Pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating:6570
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Beam Width:23mm / 26mm / 23mm24mm / 26.5mm / 25mm
Racket Colours:White, Yellow, and BlackBlue and Black
String Pattern:16×1916×19
Main Skips:8T,8H8T,8H
Grip Type:Babolat Syntec ProWilson Pro Performance

Head Size and Racket Length

Both the Pure Aero and the Ultra 100 have a 100in head size and a 27in racket length.

Strung Weight, Balance, and Swing Weight

Both tennis rackets have the exact same strung weight (318g (11.2oz)) and head light balance (4pts HL).

However, the Ultra 100 (317g) has a slightly lower swing weight than the Pure Aero (322g) so the Ultra 100 should be easier to swing but the difference between the two rackets isn’t that large.

Stiffness Rating

The Babolat Pure Aero (65) has a lower stiffness rating than the Wilson Ultra 100 (70) so it should be the more comfortable of the two rackets to swing with.

However, I would not consider either of these two tennis rackets to be particularly arm-friendly.

For more information on how the stiffness rating affects the arm friendliness of a racket, check out my article on the best tennis rackets for tennis elbow.

Power and Control

Both of these tennis rackets are low to medium powered frames with the Ultra 100 being the more powerful of the two.

However, the Ultra 100 may have more power but the Pure Aero definitely has more control and in my opinion, has the better balance between power and control.

Beam Width

As it is the more powerful of the two rackets, it’s no surprise that the beam width of the Ultra 100 (24mm / 26.5mm / 25mm) is thicker than the beam width of the Pure Aero (23mm / 26mm / 23mm).

String Pattern

Both the Ultra 100 and Pure Aero have a 16×19 string pattern so they will help you to generate more top spin on your shots.


In my opinion, both rackets have a nicer design but I prefer the design of the Pure Aero 2023.


If you are a beginner/intermediate tennis player then the Wilson Ultra 100 is definitely the better option for you as it has a lower swing weight and it is much easier to generate power with the Ultra 100 when compared with the Pure Aero.

However, if you are an advanced tennis player then the extra control you get with the Babolat Pure Aero will make it a much better choice for you.

In terms of playing styles, I think both of these tennis rackets are better suited to players who like to play from the baseline and who play with a two handed backhand.

If you are more of an All Court Player who plays with a one handed backhand then I think you would be better off going for a racket like the Wilson Clash 98 or the Babolat Pure Aero VS.