Wilson Shift 99 300g vs 315g

Wilson has recently released a new Shift tennis racket range that promises tons of spin and control.

The first two rackets in the range are the Shift 99 300g and the Shift 99 315g, with both rackets having similar specs to the old Steam 99 tennis rackets.

This article will look at the specs of both rackets to see how they compare to each other.

Wilson Shift 99 300g vs 315g

Wilson Shift 99 300g vs 315g – Specs Comparison

Main Differences: The Shift 99 300g has a lower strung weight (11.2oz vs 11.7oz), a lower swing weight (320 vs 329), and a tighter string pattern.

As the Shift 99 315g has a tighter string pattern, it will be the better option in terms of control, precision, and feel.

Similarities: Both rackets have the same head size (99in), racket length (27in), balance (6pts HL), frame stiffness rating (68), beam width (23.5mm), and string pattern (16 x 20).

Year Released:20232023
Design:Wilson Shift 99Wilson Shift 99
Head Size:99in99in
Strung Weight:318g (11.2oz)332g (11.7oz)
Unstrung Weight:300g (10.6oz)315g (11.1oz)
Swing weight:320329
Balance:6pts HL6pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating:6868
Power:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Player Level:Intermediate to AdvancedIntermediate to Advanced
Beam Width:23.5mm23.5mm
String Pattern:16 x 2016 x 20
Main Skips:7T,9T,7H,9H8T,10T,8H,10H
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceWilson Pro Performance

The Shift rackets are probably closest to the Clash 100 Pro and Clash 98 in terms of specs.