Babolat Boost Rackets

Babolat’s range of Boost tennis rackets is aimed at recreational players who are looking for a good racket at an affordable price.

This article will compare the different Babolat boost rackets available so that you find out which might be the best option for you.

Babolat Boost Rackets

Racket Comparison

Babolat’s Boost range of tennis rackets includes the Boost Drive (or “BBD”), the Boost Drive W (or “BBDW”), the Boost Aero Yellow (or “BBAY”), the Boost Aero W (or “BBAW”), the Boost Aero Rafa (or BBAR”), and the Boost S (or “BBS”).

Similar to Babolat’s EVO tennis rackets, they are very much targeted at beginners who don’t have a lot of money to spend as you will usually be able to find them for sale online for under $100.

Racket Specs Comparison

Head Size:105in105in102in102in102in102in
Strung Weight:272g272g278g278g278g295g
Swing weight:312g312g306g306g306g312g
Balance:3 Pts HH3 Pts HH2 Pts HH2 Pts HH2 Pts HH3 Pts HL
Stiffness Rating:65 RA65 RA67 RA67 RA67 RA68 RA
Beam Width:23mm – 26mm23mm – 26mm23mm – 26mm23mm – 26mm23mm – 26mm23mm – 26mm
String Pattern:16 x 1916 x 1916 x 1916 x 1916 x 1916 x 19
String Tension:50-55lbs50-55lbs50-55lbs50-55lbs50-55lbs50-55lbs
Frame Composition:GraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphiteGraphite
Colors:Purple, Yellow, and WhiteBlue, Green, and WhiteBlack, Yellow, and WhiteBlack, Pink, and WhiteBlack, Purple, and YellowBlack, Red, and White

As you can see from the table above, the Babolat range of boost rackets has very similar specs, so you won’t feel a huge difference between the rackets.

The BBD and the BBDW have identical racket specs with the only difference being the color.

Similarly, the BBAY, the BBAW, and the BBAR share identical racket specs with the only difference being the color.

The BBS is the outlier in the range as it has a higher strung weight and it has a head light balance rather than a head heavy balance.

The BBD and the BBDW are oversized frames while the BBAR and BBS are tweener-style rackets.

Which Racket Should You Buy?

You won’t find a huge difference between any of the rackets as they all have very similar racket specs (see comparison above).

For absolute beginners, my recommendation would be to get the BBAY as it has a lighter swing weight than the BBD and the BBS, so it will be easier for beginners to swing.

If you have some experience playing tennis and you are starting to develop a full swing, then I would recommend the BBS as its extra weight and head light balance will help you to better control your shots.

If you are an advanced player then I wouldn’t recommend any of the boost rackets as they won’t offer the control you need for your game.

Where can you buy the Rackets?

They are available to buy from most good online shops and through the official Babolat website.

They are also available to purchase from Amazon and if you purchase using the link below you will be helping to support our blog as we will earn a small commission from the sale at no additional cost to you.

Babolat Boost vs Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike

The Pure Drive, Pure Aero, and Pure Strike are probably the most popular tennis rackets that are sold by Babolat.

So how does the Boost range of rackets compare to them?

Below are some of the main differences between Babolat’s Boost range of rackets and Babolat’s Pure Drive, Pure Strike, and Pure Aero.

  • The Pure Aero/Drive/Strike rackets have a smaller head size (98-100in vs 102-105in)
  • They have a much higher strung weight (318-323g vs 272-295g) so they will be heavier to hold in your hand
  • They have a more head light balance so they will feel much easier to swing and maneuver.
  • They also have a slightly higher frame stiffness rating so they won’t be the most arm friendly rackets you could play with.