Most Followed Male Tennis Players on Instagram and Twitter

I have put together a list of the top 25 most followed male tennis players on Instagram and Twitter including Rafael Nadal, Roger Federer, and Novak Djokovic.

Find out who is the most popular male tennis player on Instagram and Twitter below.

Most Followed Male Tennis Players on Instagram and Twitter

Top 25 Most Followed Male Tennis Players on Instagram

Rafael Nadal has had the title of the most followed male tennis player on Instagram for some time now and has over 5 million more followers than Novak Djokovic in second place.

It’s no surprise that the top 3 most followed male tennis players on Instagram are the big three of Nadal (16.7m), Djokovic (11.5m), and Federer (10.8m).

Combined they have just over 39 million followers on Instagram, which is more than the population of Australia.

RankTennis PlayerInstagram Followers
(3 October 2022)
1Rafael Nadal16,760,308@rafaelnadal
2Novak Djokovic11,552,983@djokernole
3Roger Federer10,840,670@rogerfederer
4Nick Kyrgios3,335,415@k1ngkyrg1os
5Carlos Alcaraz2,108,374@carlitosalcarazz
6Andy Murray1,882,315@andymurray
7Alexander Zverev1,846,029@alexzverev123
8Stefanos Tsitsipas1,710,083@stefanostsitsipas98
9Matteo Berrettini1,528,787@matberrettini
10Dominic Thiem1,438,959@domithiem
11Stan Wawrinka1,249,761@stanwawrinka85
12Grigor Dimitrov1,046,587@grigordimitrov
13Daniil Medvedev1,005,245@medwed33
14Gael Monfils915,581@iamgaelmonfils
15Diego Schwartzman728,678@dieschwartzman
16Jannik Sinner713,933@janniksin
17Fabio Fognini621,098@fabiofogna
18Denis Shapovalov574,748@denis.shapovalov
19Kei Nishikori524,692@keinishikori
20Felix Auger-Aliassime491,269@felixaliassime
21Benoit Paire402,165@benpaire
22Andrey Rublev360,275@andreyrublev
23Milos Raonic335,214@mraonic
24David Goffin285,486@david__goffin
25Thanasi Kokkinakis271,826@the_kokk1

Top 25 Most Followed Male Tennis Players on Twitter

Rafael Nadal is also the most followed tennis player on Twitter with nearly 16 million followers and has more followers than the players ranked 4-25 combined.

RankTennis PlayerTwitter Followers
(3 October 2022)
1Rafael Nadal15,850,018@RafaelNadal
2Roger Federer12,915,486@rogerfederer
3Novak Djokovic9,217,738@DjokerNole
4Andy Murray3,564,470@andy_murray
5Stan Wawrinka1,726,859@stanwawrinka
6Kei Nishikori986,921@keinishikori
7Gael Monfils785,580@Gael_Monfils
8Nick Kyrgios592,979@NickKyrgios
9Grigor Dimitrov472,892@GrigorDimitrov
10Carlos Alcaraz440,319@carlosalcaraz
11Stefanos Tsitsipas370,467@steftsitsipas
12Milos Raonic318,403@milosraonic
13Dominic Thiem309,069@domithiem
14Daniil Medvedev274,026@DaniilMedwed
15Diego Schwartzman178,942@dieschwartzman
16Benoit Paire142,377@benoitpaire
17Denis Shapovalov140,415@denis_shapo
18Alexander Zverev136,115@AlexZverev
19Felix Auger-Aliassime124,075@felixtennis
20Fabio Fognini123,507@fabiofogna
21Jannik Sinner103,636@janniksin
22Thanasi Kokkinakis102,958@TKokkinakis
23Andrey Rublev83,359@AndreyRublev97
24David Goffin80,572@David__Goffin
25Hubert Hurkacz73,016@HubertHurkacz

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