ATP Korea Open

The ATP Korea Open is an ATP 250 tennis tournament that is played on outdoor hard courts at the Seoul Olympic Park Tennis Center in Seoul, South Korea.

Following the cancellation of several tournaments in China in 2022, a one year license was awarded to Seoul to stage an ATP tournament for the first time since 1996.

The 2022 tournament will be played the week after the WTA Korean Open in September/October 2022.

ATP Korea Open

Tournament Name:ATP Korea Open
Location:Seoul, South Korea
Tour Level:ATP 250
Court Surface:Outdoor Hard Courts
Prize Money:$1,237,570

2022 ATP Korea Open Dates

The ATP tournament in Seoul will be held from the 26th of September to the 2nd of October 2022.

The 2022 tournament will be played in the same week as the ATP tournaments in Tel Aviv and Sofia as well as the WTA Tournaments in Tallinn and Parma.

2022 ATP Korea Open Players

The official entry list for the ATP tournament in Seoul has yet to be released by tournament organizers but it is likely the tournament will attract several top 100 ATP players as it is an ATP 250 level event on the ATP Tour.

2022 ATP Korea Open Tennis Schedule

The official schedule for the tournament has yet to be released but below is the expected schedule for 2022.

Monday – Day 126th of September 20221st Round Matches
Tuesday – Day 227th of September 20221st Round Matches1st Round Matches
Wednesday – Day 328th of September 20222nd Round Matches1st Round Matches
Thursday – Day 429th of September 20222nd Round MatchesQuarterfinals
Friday – Day 530th of September 2022QuarterfinalsSemifinals
Saturday – Day 61st of October 2022SemifinalsFinals
Sunday – Day 72nd of October 2022Finals

2022 ATP Korea Open Draw

The draws for the 2022 ATP Korea tennis tournament will be released closer to the start of the tournament.

Singles Qualifying Draw: TBD

Singles Draw: TBD

Doubles Draw: TBD

2022 ATP Korea Open Prize Money and Points

The total financial commitment (including prize money) for the 2022 ATP 250 tournament in Seoul will be $1,237,570.

How the prize money and points are to be split for the 2022 tournament is detailed below.

Men’s Singles Prize Money and Points

Performance2022 Prize MoneyATP Points
2nd Round$19,62020
1st Round$11,9900

The winner of the Men’s Singles Event in 2022 will receive $170,035 in prize money and 250 ATP points, while the runner-up received $99,185 and 150 ATP points.

Men’s Doubles Prize Money (Per Team)

Performance2022 Prize MoneyATP Points
1st Round$6,1000

The winners of the Men’s Doubles Event in 2022 will receive $59,090 ($29,545 each) in prize money and 250 Points, while the runner-ups receiving $31,610 ($15,805 each) in prize money and 150 Points.

Teams losing in the 1st round in 2022 will receive $6,100 ($3,050 each) in prize money.

Past ATP Korea Open Winners

The first ATP Korea Tennis Tournament was in 1987 with Jim Grabb winning the singles and Eric Korita and Mike Leach winning the doubles.

The last ATP tournament in Seoul was in 1996 with Byron Black winning the singles competition and Rick Leach and Jonathan Stark winning the doubles competition.

Past Men’s Singles Winners

  • 2022 – TBD
  • 1996 – Byron Black
  • 1995 – Greg Rusedski
  • 1994 – Jeremy Bates
  • 1993 – Chuck Adams
  • 1992 – Shuzo Matsuoka
  • 1991 – Patrick Baur
  • 1990 –  Alex Antonitsch
  • 1989 – Robert Van’t Hof
  • 1988 – Dan Goldie
  • 1987 – Jim Grabb

Past Men’s Doubles Winners

  • 2022 – TBD
  • 1996 – Rick Leach and Jonathan Stark
  • 1995 – Sébastien Lareau and Jeff Tarango
  • 1994 – Stéphane Simian and Kenny Thorne
  • 1993 – Jan Apell and Peter Nyborg
  • 1992 – Kevin Curren and Gary Muller
  • 1991 – Alex Antonitsch and Gilad Bloom
  • 1990 – Grant Connell and Glenn Michibata
  • 1989 – Scott Davis and Paul Wekesa
  • 1988 – Andrew Castle and Roberto Saad
  • 1987 – Eric Korita and Mike Leach