Tiny’s Tennis Open

The Tiny’s Tennis Open was a WTA 125 tennis tournament that was due to be played at the Tuyen Son Sports Village in Da Nang City, Vietnam in January 2024 but was canceled shortly before it was due to start.

Vietnam flag next to the words Tiny’s Tennis Open

2024 Tiny’s Tennis Open

Location:Da Nang, Vietnam
Tour Level:WTA 125
Court Surface:Hard Court
Draw Size:32 Singles, 16 Doubles
Prize Money:$115,000 (TBC)


The 2024 Tiny’s Tennis Open tennis tournament was due to take place from the 22nd to the 28th of January 2024 but was canceled due to a lack of sponsors.

The 2024 WTA Da Nang 125 tennis tournament was due to be played at the same time as the Australian Open grand slam tournament.


The official entry list for the 2024 tournament in Da Nang was not released but as it is at the WTA 125 level, it was expected to attract players ranked between 75 and 250 in the world.

As the tournament was due to be held at the same time as the second week of the Australian Open, some higher ranked players who lost early in Melbourne may have decided to participate in Vietnam.


Below was the expected schedule for the 2024 tournament in Da Nang before it was canceled, with 1st round matches starting on Monday the 22nd of January 2024, and the singles/doubles finals being played on Sunday, the 28th of January 2024.

Monday – Day 122nd of January 20241st Round
Tuesday – Day 223rd of January 20241st Round
Wednesday – Day 324th of January 20242nd Round
Thursday – Day 425th of January 20242nd Round
Friday – Day 526th of January 2024Quarterfinals
Saturday – Day 627th of January 2024Semifinals
Sunday – Day 728th of January 2024Finals


The draws for the 2024 singles and doubles tournaments in Da Nang were not released.

Singles (Qualifying) Draw:

Singles (Main) Draw:

Doubles Draw:

Prize Money and Points

The total financial commitment (including prize money) for the 2024 WTA Da Nang tennis tournament was expected to be around $115,000.

How the prize money and points were expected to be split for the 2024 tournament is detailed below.

Women’s Singles

The winner of the singles tournament in 2024 was expected to receive $15,000 and 160 ranking points, while the runner-up was expected to win $8,000 and 95 ranking points.

Performance$ – PayoutPoints
2nd Round$2,00015
1st Round$1,2501

Women’s Doubles

The winners of the doubles tournament in 2024 were expected to receive $4,000 ($2,000 each) and 160 points, while the runners-up were expected to receive $2,500 ($1,250 each) and 95 points.

Performance$ – PayoutPoints
1st Round$1,0001