2022 ITF Junior Calendar

Below is the ITF Junior Calendar of tournaments that are due to be played for the 2022 ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors.

Please note that the dates in the below ITF tournament schedule are subject to change so check the official website for the relevant tournament or check out the Official ITF website for the latest information and dates.

You may also be interested in our 2022 tournament schedules for the ITF Men’s World Tennis Tour, the ITF World Women’s Tennis Tour, and the ITF Seniors Tour.

2022 ITF Junior Calendar
2022 ITF Junior Calendar

2022 ITF Junior Calendar

TournamentDatesLocationCourt Surface
J3 Santo Domingo16 May to 21 May 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Yogyakarta16 May to 21 May 2022Yogyakarta, IndonesiaHard (Outdoor)
J3 Tallinn16 May to 21 May 2022Tallinn, EstoniaClay (Outdoor)
Ja Milan16 May to 22 May 2022Milan, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
J5 Tirana16 May to 21 May 2022Tirana, AlbaniaHard (Outdoor)
J2 Hannover16 May to 21 May 2022Hannover, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J4 Tbilisi16 May to 21 May 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Cairo16 May to 22 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J5 Halifax16 May to 20 May 2022Halifax, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J4 Windhoek16 May to 21 May 2022Windhoek, NamibiaHard (Outdoor)
J3 Lousada16 May to 22 May 2022Lousada, PortugalClay (Outdoor)
J5 Sozopol17 May to 21 May 2022Sozopol, BulgariaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Kairouan17 May to 22 May 2022Kairouan, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Tarragona17 May to 21 May 2022Tarragona, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Dunakeszi18 May to 22 May 2022Dunakeszi, HungaryClay (Outdoor)
J4 Seremban18 May to 22 May 2022Seremban, MalaysiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Varnamo18 May to 22 May 2022Varnamo, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
J5 Darwin23 May to 27 May 2022Darwin, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Santa Tecla23 May to 28 May 2022Santa Tecla, El SalvadorHard (Outdoor)
J5 Limassol23 May to 28 May 2022Limassol, CyprusClay (Outdoor)
J3 Cakovec23 May to 28 May 2022Cakovec, CroatiaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Lousada23 May to 29 May 2022Lousada, PortugalClay (Outdoor)
J5 Cairo23 May to 29 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J1 Charleroi-Marcinelle23 May to 28 May 2022Charleroi-Marcinelle, BelgiumClay (Outdoor)
J5 Yogyakarta23 May to 28 May 2022Yogyakarta, IndonesiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Podgorica23 May to 28 May 2022Podgorica, MontenegroClay (Outdoor)
J5 Valencia (Closed)23 May to 29 May 2022Valencia, VenezuelaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Bulawayo23 May to 28 May 2022Bulawayo, ZimbabweHard (Outdoor)
J5 Wrexham24 May to 28 May 2022Wrexham, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
J4 Les Franqueses Del Valles24 May to 29 May 2022Les Franqueses del Valles, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J5 Jönköping25 May to 29 May 2022Jonkoping, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
J4 Ipoh25 May to 29 May 2022Ipoh, MalaysiaHard (Outdoor)
Roland Garros Junior Championships29 May to 05 Jun 2022Paris, FranceClay (Outdoor)
J4 Ulcinj30 May to 04 Jun 2022Ulcinj, MontenegroClay (Outdoor)
J4 Santa Tecla30 May to 04 Jun 2022Santa Tecla, El SalvadorHard (Outdoor)
J4 Darwin30 May to 03 Jun 2022Darwin, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Victoria30 May to 04 Jun 2022Victoria, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Valencia (Closed)30 May to 05 Jun 2022Valencia, VenezuelaTBC (Outdoor)
J5 Bulawayo30 May to 04 Jun 2022Bulawayo, ZimbabweHard (Outdoor)
J4 Les Franqueses Del Valles31 May to 05 Jun 2022Les Franqueses del Valles, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J4 Larnaca31 May to 04 Jun 2022Larnaca, CyprusClay (Outdoor)
J4 Edinburgh01 Jun to 05 Jun 2022Edinburgh, Great BritainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Kamloops06 Jun to 11 Jun 2022Kamloops, CanadaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Bistrita06 Jun to 11 Jun 2022Bistrita, RomaniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Pretoria06 Jun to 10 Jun 2022Pretoria, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Guatemala06 Jun to 11 Jun 2022Guatemala City, GuatemalaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Bamberg07 Jun to 12 Jun 2022Bamberg, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J5 Targu Jiu13 Jun to 18 Jun 2022Targu Jiu, RomaniaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Niagara13 Jun to 17 Jun 2022Niagara, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Niksic13 Jun to 19 Jun 2022Niksic, MontenegroClay (Outdoor)
J5 Guatemala13 Jun to 18 Jun 2022Guatemala City, GuatemalaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Pretoria13 Jun to 17 Jun 2022Pretoria, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Bizerte14 Jun to 19 Jun 2022Tunis, TunisiaClay (Outdoor)
J2 Gladbeck14 Jun to 18 Jun 2022Gladbeck, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J3 The Hague15 Jun to 19 Jun 2022The Hague, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J4 Nonthaburi20 Jun to 25 Jun 2022Nonthaburi, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
J5 Pretoria20 Jun to 24 Jun 2022Pretoria, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Nottingham20 Jun to 25 Jun 2022Nottingham, Great BritainGrass (Outdoor)
J3 Calgary20 Jun to 25 Jun 2022Calgary, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Burgas21 Jun to 25 Jun 2022Burgas, BulgariaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kelibia21 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Kelibia, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Hilversum21 Jun to 25 Jun 2022Hilversum, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J3 Bruchkoebel21 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Bruchkoebel, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J1 Roehampton26 Jun to 01 Jul 2022Roehampton, Great BritainGrass (Outdoor)
J4 Edmonton27 Jun to 01 Jul 2022Edmonton, CanadaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Timisoara27 Jun to 02 Jul 2022Timisoara, RomaniaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Paola27 Jun to 02 Jul 2022Paola, MaltaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Nonthaburi27 Jun to 02 Jul 2022Nonthaburi, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
J4 Tallinn27 Jun to 01 Jul 2022Tallinn, EstoniaHard (Outdoor)
J3 Irpin27 Jun to 02 Jul 2022Irpin, UkraineClay (Outdoor)
J2 Castricum28 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Castricum, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J4 Jakarta28 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Jakarta, IndonesiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Carthage28 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Carthage, TunisiaClay (Outdoor)
J2 Pilsen29 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Pilsen, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
J4 Daytona Beach04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Daytona Beach, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
J3 Neunkirchen04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Neunkirchen, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J4 Jakarta04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Jakarta, IndonesiaHard (Outdoor)
J3 Timisoara04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Timisoara, RomaniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Tbilisi04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Cairo04 Jul to 10 Jul 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J4 Bludenz04 Jul to 09 Jul 2022Bludenz, AustriaClay (Outdoor)
J4 The Hague05 Jul to 10 Jul 2022The Hague, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J3 Santo Domingo11 Jul to 16 Jul 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Giza11 Jul to 17 Jul 2022Giza, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J4 Tbilisi11 Jul to 16 Jul 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Yerevan11 Jul to 17 Jul 2022Yerevan, ArmeniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Vancouver11 Jul to 16 Jul 2022Vancouver, CanadaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Veska11 Jul to 16 Jul 2022Veska, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
J4 Hillegom12 Jul to 17 Jul 2022Hillegom, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J4 Eindhoven18 Jul to 23 Jul 2022Eindhoven, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
J3 Santo Domingo18 Jul to 23 Jul 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Izmir18 Jul to 23 Jul 2022Izmir, TurkeyHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tbilisi18 Jul to 24 Jul 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaHard (Outdoor)
Jb1 Klosters18 Jul to 24 Jul 2022Klosters, SwitzerlandClay (Outdoor)
J4 Yerevan18 Jul to 24 Jul 2022Yerevan, ArmeniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Fuerth19 Jul to 24 Jul 2022Fuerth, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J5 San Marino19 Jul to 23 Jul 2022San Marino, San MarinoClay (Outdoor)
J5 Tbilisi25 Jul to 30 Jul 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Harare01 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Harare, ZimbabweHard (Outdoor)
J5 Bradfield01 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Bradfield, Great BritainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kaarina01 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Kaarina, FinlandClay (Outdoor)
Copy Of J5 Santo Domingo01 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Santo Domingo Este, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J4 Zilina02 Aug to 07 Aug 2022Zilina, SlovakiaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Valldoreix02 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Valldoreix, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Radomlje02 Aug to 06 Aug 2022Radomlje, SloveniaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Benidorm08 Aug to 13 Aug 2022Benidorm, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Schifflange08 Aug to 13 Aug 2022Schifflange, LuxembourgClay (Outdoor)
J4 Harare08 Aug to 13 Aug 2022Harare, ZimbabweHard (Outdoor)
J5 Santo Domingo08 Aug to 13 Aug 2022Santo Domingo Este, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Dushanbe08 Aug to 13 Aug 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J5 Hanko09 Aug to 14 Aug 2022Hanko, FinlandClay (Outdoor)
J5 Slovenska Lupca09 Aug to 14 Aug 2022Slovenska Lupca, SlovakiaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kranj09 Aug to 14 Aug 2022Kranj, SloveniaClay (Outdoor)
J1 Prague15 Aug to 20 Aug 2022Prague, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
J3 Dakahlia15 Aug to 19 Aug 2022Dakahlia, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J3 Harare15 Aug to 20 Aug 2022Harare, ZimbabweHard (Outdoor)
J4 Maribor15 Aug to 20 Aug 2022Maribor, SloveniaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Dushanbe15 Aug to 20 Aug 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J3 Budapest17 Aug to 21 Aug 2022Budapest, HungaryClay (Outdoor)
J5 Kramfors17 Aug to 21 Aug 2022Kramfors, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
J3 Cairo22 Aug to 26 Aug 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J1 Pancevo22 Aug to 27 Aug 2022Pancevo, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Koura22 Aug to 27 Aug 2022Koura, LebanonHard (Outdoor)
J1 College Park22 Aug to 28 Aug 2022College Park, MD, USAHard (Outdoor)
J3 Barcelona23 Aug to 27 Aug 2022Barcelona, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Andong23 Aug to 28 Aug 2022Andong, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J4 Domzale23 Aug to 28 Aug 2022Domzale, SloveniaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Prague24 Aug to 28 Aug 2022Prague, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
J1 Repentigny28 Aug to 03 Sep 2022Repentigny, CanadaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Damour29 Aug to 03 Sep 2022Damour, LebanonClay (Outdoor)
J2 Novi Sad29 Aug to 03 Sep 2022Novi Sad, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Barcelona30 Aug to 03 Sep 2022Barcelona, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Yanggu30 Aug to 04 Sep 2022Yang Gu, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J5 Humenne31 Aug to 04 Sep 2022Humenne, SlovakiaClay (Outdoor)
Us Open Junior Tennis Championships04 Sep to 11 Sep 2022New York, USAHard (Outdoor)
J2 Cairo05 Sep to 09 Sep 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J4 Damour05 Sep to 10 Sep 2022Damour, LebanonClay (Outdoor)
J5 Zlatibor05 Sep to 10 Sep 2022Zlatibor, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Hannover05 Sep to 10 Sep 2022Hannover, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J4 Malmo06 Sep to 11 Sep 2022Malmo, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
J5 Trnava06 Sep to 11 Sep 2022Trnava, SlovakiaClay (Outdoor)
J2 Cairo12 Sep to 16 Sep 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J2 Montreal12 Sep to 16 Sep 2022Montreal, CanadaHard (Outdoor)
J3 El Prat De Llobregat13 Sep to 17 Sep 2022El Prat de Llobregat, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Baku19 Sep to 24 Sep 2022Baku, AzerbaijanHard (Outdoor)
J3 Quebec City19 Sep to 24 Sep 2022Quebec City, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Esch-Alzette19 Sep to 24 Sep 2022Esch-Alzette, LuxembourgHard (Indoor)
J5 Tirana19 Sep to 24 Sep 2022Tirana, AlbaniaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Estepona20 Sep to 25 Sep 2022Estepona, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J4 Majadahonda26 Sep to 01 Oct 2022Majadahonda, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Baku26 Sep to 01 Oct 2022Baku, AzerbaijanHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tirana26 Sep to 01 Oct 2022Tirana, AlbaniaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Dushanbe03 Oct to 08 Oct 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J4 Santo Domingo03 Oct to 08 Oct 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J2 Istanbul03 Oct to 08 Oct 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J5 Aviles03 Oct to 07 Oct 2022Aviles, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 North Vancouver10 Oct to 15 Oct 2022North Vancouver, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Istanbul10 Oct to 16 Oct 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J4 Santo Domingo10 Oct to 15 Oct 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Dushanbe10 Oct to 15 Oct 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J2 Vigo11 Oct to 16 Oct 2022Vigo, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J4 Emmeloord11 Oct to 15 Oct 2022Emmeloord, NetherlandsCarpet (Indoor)
J5 Istanbul17 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J4 Victoria17 Oct to 22 Oct 2022Victoria, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J1 Sanxenxo18 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Sanxenxo, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J5 Nastola18 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Nastola, FinlandHard (Indoor)
J4 Budapest19 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Budapest, HungaryClay (Outdoor)
J5 Woodbridge24 Oct to 28 Oct 2022Ontario, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J4 Vierumaki25 Oct to 30 Oct 2022Vierumaki, FinlandHard (Indoor)
J2 Szekesfehervar26 Oct to 30 Oct 2022Szekesfehervar, HungaryClay (Outdoor)
J3 Burlington31 Oct to 04 Nov 2022Burlington, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J4 Giza31 Oct to 06 Nov 2022Giza, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J5 Silla-Saladar01 Nov to 05 Nov 2022Silla-Saladar, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Tampere02 Nov to 06 Nov 2022Tampere, FinlandHard (Indoor)
J4 Cairo07 Nov to 13 Nov 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J5 Hammam Sousse08 Nov to 13 Nov 2022Hammam Sousse, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Istanbul14 Nov to 20 Nov 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J5 San Jose28 Nov to 03 Dec 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J5 San Jose05 Dec to 10 Dec 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)

ITF Junior Tournaments Completed in 2022

Below is a list of ITF Junior Tournaments Completed so far in 2022.4

ITF TournamentDatesLocationCourt Surface
J3 Chandigarh03 Jan to 08 Jan 2022Chandigarh, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Arlon04 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Arlon, BelgiumCarpet (Indoor)
J4 Frankfurt04 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Frankfurt, GermanyHard (Indoor)
J4 Auckland04 Jan to 08 Jan 2022Auckland, New ZealandHard (Outdoor)
J5 Balashiha10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Balashiha, RussiaHard (Indoor)
J1 San Jose10 Jan to 15 Jan 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Eau Claire10 Jan to 14 Jan 2022Eau Claire, USAHard (Indoor)
J2 Chandigarh10 Jan to 15 Jan 2022Chandigarh, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Fujairah10 Jan to 15 Jan 2022Fujairah, United Arab EmiratesHard (Outdoor)
J4 Ramat Ha Sharon11 Jan to 15 Jan 2022Ramat Ha Sharon, IsraelHard (Outdoor)
J4 Belgrade11 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Belgrade, SerbiaClay (Indoor)
J4 Ashburton11 Jan to 15 Jan 2022Ashburton, New ZealandHard (Outdoor)
J2 Bratislava12 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Bratislava, SlovakiaHard (Indoor)
J4 Offenbach12 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Offenbach, GermanyHard (Indoor)
J1 Traralgon14 Jan to 19 Jan 2022Traralgon, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Barranquilla17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Barranquilla, ColombiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Dubai17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Dubai, United Arab EmiratesHard (Outdoor)
J4 Siroki Brijeg17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCarpet (Indoor)
J4 San Jose17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Svyatopetrivske Village17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Svyatopetrivske village, UkraineHard (Indoor)
J5 Medford17 Jan to 21 Jan 2022Medford, USAHard (Indoor)
J4 Oberpullendorf17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Oberpullendorf, AustriaCarpet (Indoor)
J3 Antalya17 Jan to 21 Jan 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
J5 Colombo17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Colombo, Sri LankaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Heiveld17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Heiveld, BelgiumCarpet (Indoor)
J2 Kolkata17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Kolkata, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Singapore17 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Singapore, SingaporeHard (Outdoor)
J2 Hammamet18 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Hammamet, TunisiaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Ramat Ha Sharon18 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Ramat Ha Sharon, IsraelHard (Outdoor)
J4 Christchurch18 Jan to 22 Jan 2022Christchurch, New ZealandHard (Outdoor)
J3 Glasgow19 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Glasgow, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
J5 Prague19 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Prague, Czech RepublicHard (Indoor)
Australian Open Junior Championships22 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Melbourne, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Colombo24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Colombo, Sri LankaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kish Island24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Kish Island, IranClay (Outdoor)
J5 Indore24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Indore, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Singapore24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Singapore, SingaporeHard (Outdoor)
J1 Salinas24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Salinas, EcuadorHard (Outdoor)
J5 Durban24 Jan to 28 Jan 2022Durban, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Nairobi24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Nairobi, KenyaClay (Outdoor)
J4 San Jose24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Siroki Brijeg24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Siroki Brijeg, Bosnia and HerzegovinaCarpet (Indoor)
J5 Maribor24 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Maribor, SloveniaClay (Indoor)
J4 Cairo24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J4 Puszczykowo25 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Puszczykowo, PolandCarpet (Indoor)
J2 Hammam Sousse25 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Hammam Sousse, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Wellington25 Jan to 29 Jan 2022Wellington, New ZealandHard (Outdoor)
J5 Gent25 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Gent, BelgiumHard (Indoor)
J5 Trnava25 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Trnava, SlovakiaHard (Indoor)
J4 Kathmandu31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Kathmandu, NepalHard (Outdoor)
J4 Kish Island31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Kish Island, IranClay (Outdoor)
J5 Stavanger31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Stavanger, NorwayHard (Indoor)
J1 Lima31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Lima, PeruClay (Outdoor)
J5 Durban31 Jan to 04 Feb 2022Durban, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Nairobi31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Nairobi, KenyaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Giza31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Giza, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J4 Karaganda31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Karaganda, KazakhstanHard (Indoor)
J5 Morelos31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Morelos, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
J5 Caracas (Closed)31 Jan to 05 Feb 2022Caracas, VenezuelaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Szczecin01 Feb to 06 Feb 2022Szczecin, PolandHard (Indoor)
J3 Canberra02 Feb to 06 Feb 2022Canberra, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Islamabad07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Islamabad, PakistanHard (Outdoor)
J1 Lambare07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Lambare, ParaguayClay (Outdoor)
J5 Bloemfontein07 Feb to 11 Feb 2022Bloemfontein, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Kathmandu07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Kathmandu, NepalHard (Outdoor)
J2 Oberhaching07 Feb to 11 Feb 2022Oberhaching, GermanyHard (Indoor)
J3 Manacor07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Manacor, SpainHard (Outdoor)
J4 Antalya07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
J5 Nairobi07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Nairobi, KenyaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Caracas (Closed)07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Caracas, VenezuelaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Queretaro07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Queretaro, MexicoClay (Outdoor)
J4 Karaganda07 Feb to 12 Feb 2022Karaganda, KazakhstanHard (Indoor)
J5 Warsaw09 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Warsaw, PolandHard (Indoor)
J4 Guatemala14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022Guatemala, GuatemalaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Frederiksberg14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022Frederiksberg, DenmarkHard (Indoor)
J5 Antalya14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyHard (Outdoor)
J5 Dakar14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022Dakar, SenegalHard (Outdoor)
J1 Porto Alegre14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Porto Alegre, BrazilClay (Outdoor)
J5 Bloemfontein14 Feb to 18 Feb 2022Bloemfontein, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Islamabad14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022Islamabad, PakistanHard (Outdoor)
J5 Liverpool14 Feb to 18 Feb 2022Liverpool, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
J4 Zapopan14 Feb to 19 Feb 2022Zapopan, MexicoClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kigali14 Feb to 18 Feb 2022Kigali, RwandaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Kigali21 Feb to 25 Feb 2022Kigali, RwandaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Singapore21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Singapore, SingaporeHard (Outdoor)
J3 Wolfsberg21 Feb to 25 Feb 2022Wolfsberg, AustriaCarpet (Indoor)
J5 Liverpool21 Feb to 25 Feb 2022Liverpool, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
J5 Monterrey21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Monterrey, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
Ja Criciuma21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Criciuma, BrazilClay (Outdoor)
J3 Almetievsk21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Almetievsk, RussiaHard (Indoor)
J5 Dakar21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Dakar, SenegalHard (Outdoor)
J4 Oslo21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Oslo, NorwayHard (Indoor)
J5 Guatemala21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Guatemala, GuatemalaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Esch-Alzette21 Feb to 26 Feb 2022Esch-Alzette, LuxembourgHard (Indoor)
J5 The Hague22 Feb to 26 Feb 2022The Hague, NetherlandsHard (Indoor)
J2 Siauliai22 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Siauliai, LithuaniaHard (Indoor)
J4 Potchefstroom28 Feb to 04 Mar 2022Potchefstroom, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Gjovik28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022Gjovik, NorwayHard (Indoor)
J4 La Libertad28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022La Libertad, El SalvadorHard (Outdoor)
J3 Doorn28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Doorn, NetherlandsHard (Indoor)
J5 Tartu28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022Tartu, EstoniaCarpet (Indoor)
J3 Tampico28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022Tampico, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
J4 Grand Avignon28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022Grand Avignon, FranceClay (Indoor)
J4 Singapore28 Feb to 05 Mar 2022Singapore, SingaporeHard (Outdoor)
J3 Trnava01 Mar to 06 Mar 2022Trnava, SlovakiaHard (Indoor)
J5 Doorn07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Doorn, NetherlandsHard (Indoor)
J4 Santa Tecla07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Santa Tecla, El SalvadorHard (Outdoor)
J4 Potchefstroom07 Mar to 11 Mar 2022Potchefstroom, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Kramfors07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Kramfors, SwedenHard (Indoor)
J5 Gurugram07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Gurugram, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Hamburg07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Hamburg, GermanyHard (Indoor)
J1 Nonthaburi07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Nonthaburi, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
J3 Cancun07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
J3 Mendoza07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Mendoza, ArgentinaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Santa Cruz07 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Santa Cruz, BoliviaClay (Outdoor)
J2 Valencia08 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Valencia, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J4 Larnaca08 Mar to 12 Mar 2022Larnaca, CyprusHard (Outdoor)
J5 Selangor09 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Selangor, MalaysiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Kurume09 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Kurume, JapanHard (Outdoor)
J4 Bayamón14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Bayamon, Puerto RicoHard (Outdoor)
J3 Limassol14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Limassol, CyprusHard (Outdoor)
J5 Cochabamba14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Cochabamba, BoliviaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Hamburg14 Mar to 18 Mar 2022Hamburg, GermanyHard (Indoor)
J2 Santo Domingo14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J5 Dehradun14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Dehradun, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Adazi14 Mar to 18 Mar 2022Adazi, LatviaHard (Indoor)
J3 Loughborough14 Mar to 18 Mar 2022Loughborough, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
J4 Kramfors14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Kramfors, SwedenHard (Indoor)
J4 Las Vegas14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Las Vegas, USAHard (Outdoor)
J1 Casablanca14 Mar to 19 Mar 2022Casablanca, MoroccoClay (Outdoor)
J2 Benicarlo15 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Benicarlo, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Colomiers15 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Colomiers, FranceClay (Indoor)
J5 Sfax15 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Sfax, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 La Paz21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022La Paz, BoliviaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Cancun21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
J5 Blagnac21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Blagnac, FranceClay (Indoor)
J5 Jurmala21 Mar to 25 Mar 2022Jurmala, LatviaHard (Indoor)
J5 Bhilai21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Bhilai, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Nicosia21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Nicosia, CyprusClay (Outdoor)
J1 San Diego21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022San Diego, USAHard (Outdoor)
J2 Santo Domingo21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J4 Antalya21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
J4 Cairo21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J3 Rabat21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Rabat, MoroccoClay (Outdoor)
J4 Llanos De Curundu21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Llanos de Curundu, PanamaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Bayamon21 Mar to 26 Mar 2022Bayamon, Puerto RicoHard (Outdoor)
J1 Villena22 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Villena, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Nabeul22 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Nabeul, TunisiaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Loughborough23 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Loughborough, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
J4 Cairo28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
J5 Nastola28 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Nastola, FinlandHard (Indoor)
J5 Oslo28 Mar to 01 Apr 2022Oslo, NorwayHard (Indoor)
J3 Mohammedia28 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Mohammedia, MoroccoClay (Outdoor)
J5 Tegucigalpa28 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Tegucigalpa, HondurasHard (Outdoor)
J3 Cancun28 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
JB1 Indian Wells28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Indian Wells, USAHard (Outdoor)
J5 Madurai28 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Madurai, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
Jb2 Sousse28 Mar to 01 Apr 2022Tunis, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Vrsar29 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Vrsar, CroatiaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Montemar29 Mar to 02 Apr 2022Montemar, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Accra04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Accra, GhanaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tegucigalpa04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Tegucigalpa, HondurasHard (Outdoor)
J2 Cap D’Ail04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Cap d’Ail, FranceClay (Outdoor)
Jb1 Lima04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Lima, PeruClay (Outdoor)
J4 Santo Domingo04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J3 Istanbul04 Apr to 09 Apr 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J4 Jeju05 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Jeju, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J3 Sousse05 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Sousse, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Douala05 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Douala, CameroonHard (Outdoor)
J5 Guessing06 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Guessing, AustriaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Santo Domingo11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J2 Istres11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Istres, FranceClay (Outdoor)
J4 Gaborone11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Gaborone, BotswanaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Plovdiv11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Plovdiv, BulgariaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Aizkraukle11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Aizkraukle, LatviaCarpet (Indoor)
J5 Dublin11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Dublin, IrelandHard (Indoor)
J5 Wien11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Wien, AustriaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Accra11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Accra, GhanaHard (Outdoor)
J3 Istanbul11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J5 Hasselt11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Hasselt, BelgiumClay (Outdoor)
J3 Asuncion11 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Asuncion, ParaguayClay (Outdoor)
J2 Woodbridge12 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Ontario, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Saint-Francois12 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Saint-Francois, GuadeloupeHard (Outdoor)
J5 Douala12 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Douala, CameroonHard (Outdoor)
J4 Sunchang12 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Sunchang, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J3 Monastir12 Apr to 16 Apr 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J2 Florence13 Apr to 18 Apr 2022Florence, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
J1 Beaulieu-Sur-Mer18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Beaulieu-sur-Mer, FranceClay (Outdoor)
J3 Sierre18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Sierre, SwitzerlandCarpet (Indoor)
J4 Gaborone18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Gaborone, BotswanaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Aldershot18 Apr to 22 Apr 2022Aldershot, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
J5 Subotica18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Subotica, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Telde18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Telde, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J3 Aizkraukle18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Aizkraukle, LatviaCarpet (Indoor)
J5 Istanbul18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Indoor)
J3 Quebec City18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Quebec City, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Zouk18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Zouk, LebanonHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tashkent18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022TASHKENT, UzbekistanClay (Outdoor)
J5 Le Diamant18 Apr to 23 Apr 2022Le Diamant, MartiniqueHard (Outdoor)
J2 Haskovo19 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Haskovo, BulgariaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Abidjan19 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Abidjan, Cote D’IvoireHard (Outdoor)
J5 Gimcheon19 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Gimcheon, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J2 Piestany19 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Piestany, SlovakiaClay (Outdoor)
J3 San Jose25 Apr to 30 Apr 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tallinn25 Apr to 29 Apr 2022Tallinn, EstoniaHard (Outdoor)
J2 Aldershot25 Apr to 29 Apr 2022Aldershot, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
J2 Salsomaggiore25 Apr to 01 May 2022Salsomaggiore, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
J3 Istanbul25 Apr to 30 Apr 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Outdoor)
J5 Nis25 Apr to 01 May 2022Nis, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
J3 Delray Beach25 Apr to 30 Apr 2022Delray Beach, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
J4 Tashkent25 Apr to 30 Apr 2022Tashkent, UzbekistanHard (Outdoor)
J5 Zouk25 Apr to 01 May 2022Zouk, LebanonHard (Outdoor)
J4 Abidjan26 Apr to 01 May 2022Abidjan, Cote D’IvoireHard (Outdoor)
Ja Offenbach26 Apr to 01 May 2022Offenbach, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
J5 Yeongwol26 Apr to 01 May 2022Yeongwol, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
J5 Szekesfehervar27 Apr to 01 May 2022Szekesfehervar, HungaryClay (Indoor)
J3 Mornington27 Apr to 01 May 2022Mornington, AustraliaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Burlington02 May to 07 May 2022Burlington, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J4 Llanos De Curundu02 May to 07 May 2022Llanos de Curundu, PanamaClay (Outdoor)
J2 Oradea02 May to 07 May 2022Oradea, RomaniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Dushanbe02 May to 07 May 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J4 Skopje02 May to 08 May 2022Skopje, North MacedoniaClay (Outdoor)
J4 Plantation02 May to 07 May 2022Plantation, USAClay (Outdoor)
J4 Istanbul02 May to 07 May 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Outdoor)
J3 San Jose02 May to 07 May 2022San Jose, Costa RicaHard (Outdoor)
J2 Villach03 May to 07 May 2022Villach, AustriaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Zaragoza03 May to 07 May 2022Zaragoza, SpainClay (Indoor)
J2 Prato03 May to 07 May 2022Prato, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
J3 Mornington04 May to 08 May 2022Mornington, AustraliaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Montreal09 May to 13 May 2022Montreal, CanadaHard (Indoor)
J5 Windhoek09 May to 14 May 2022Windhoek, NamibiaHard (Outdoor)
J5 Tbilisi09 May to 14 May 2022Tbilisi, GeorgiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Dushanbe09 May to 14 May 2022Dushanbe, TajikistanHard (Outdoor)
J3 Coral Gables09 May to 14 May 2022Coral Gables, USAClay (Outdoor)
J3 Santo Domingo09 May to 14 May 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
J4 Istanbul09 May to 14 May 2022Istanbul, TurkeyHard (Outdoor)
J4 Ventspils09 May to 14 May 2022Ventspils, LatviaHard (Outdoor)
J1 Santa Croce Sull’Arno09 May to 14 May 2022Santa Croce Sull’Arno, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
J2 St. Poelten10 May to 14 May 2022St. Poelten, AustriaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Girona10 May to 14 May 2022Girona, SpainClay (Outdoor)
J5 Skopje10 May to 15 May 2022Skopje, North MacedoniaClay (Outdoor)
J5 Gazelec10 May to 15 May 2022Gazelec, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
J4 Budapest11 May to 15 May 2022Budapest, HungaryClay (Outdoor)