Yonex Ezone 98 vs 100

The Ezone 98 and Ezone 100 are two of the most popular tennis rackets that are produced by Yonex, as they offer players a good mix of power, spin, and control.

The Ezone 100 is endorsed by top tennis pros Casper Ruud, Belinda Bencic, Sorana Cirstea, and Marketa Vondrousova, while the Ezone 98 is endorsed by Nick Kyrgios and Naomi Osaka.

Yonex Ezone 98 vs 100

Yonex Ezone 98 vs 100 Racket Comparison

For this racket comparison, we will be comparing the 2022 Version of the Ezone 98 (or “E98”) and the Ezone 100 (or “E100”).

Racket Specs Comparison

Main Differences: The Ezone 98 has a bigger head size (98in vs 100in), a heavier strung weight (11.40z vs 11.2oz), a more head light balance (6 pts HL vs 4 pts HL), a slightly heavier swing weight (318 vs 317), a lower stiffness rating (65 vs 67), and a thinner beam width (23.5mm / 24.5mm / 19.5mm vs 23.8mm / 26.5mm / 22.5mm).

Similarities: Both rackets have the same racket length (27in) and string pattern (16 x 19).

Yonex Ezone 98Design:Yonex Ezone 100
98inHead Size:100in
323g (11.4oz)Strung Weight:318g (11.2oz)
6 pts HLStrung Balance:4 pts HL
65Stiffness Rating:67
23.5mm / 24.5mm / 19.5mmBeam Width:23.8mm / 26.5mm / 22.5mm
Low to MediumPower Level:Low to Medium
Blue and BlackColors:Blue and Black
16 x 19String Pattern:16 x 19
Yonex Synthetic GripGrip Type:Yonex Synthetic Grip

Head Size

The most obvious difference between the two rackets is their head size with the E98 having a 98in head size and the E100 having a 100in head size.

Strung Weight and Swing Weight

The Ezone 98 is 5g heavier than the Ezone 100 but as the Ezone 98 has a more head light balance, there is only a 1g difference in the two racket’s swing weight so you are not going to feel a huge difference.

Strung Balance

Both rackets have a head light (or “HL) balance with the E98 (6 pts HL) being slightly more HL than the E100 (4 pts HL).

Frame Stiffness Rating

The E100 is the stiffer of the two frames with a stiffness rating of 67, compared with a stiffness rating of 65 for the E98.

Power Level

Both frames would be considered low to medium-powered frames with the E100 being the more powerful of the two frames.

String Pattern

Both rackets have a 16 x 19 open string pattern which makes it easier to generate topspin on your shots.

Racket Recommendations

In my opinion, neither of these two rackets is suited for beginners as they are far too heavy and unforgiving.

To get a lot more out of these rackets, you need to have a full swing and be able to generate your own power so they will be more suited to an advanced player.

An intermediate player could play with these rackets but I think most intermediate players will be better off going with a lighter frame like the Babolat Pure Drive or the Wilson Clash 100.

Where can you buy these tennis rackets?

Both rackets are for sale at most good online tennis shops like Tennis Warehouse.