WTA Tampico Open

The WTA Tampico Open is a tennis tournament on the WTA Tour that is played on outdoor hard courts in Tampico, Mexico.

The tournament is at the WTA 125 level of the WTA Tour with a draw size of 32 for singles and 16 for doubles.

I have put together the below guide so you can find out the latest information on the Draw, Tickets, Schedule, Players, and Prize Money for the 2022 tournament.

WTA Tampico Open

WTA Tampico Open

Location:Tampico, Mexico
WTA Tour Level:WTA 125
Court Surface:Outdoor Hard Courts
Draw Size:32 Singles, 16 Doubles
Prize Money:$115,000

2022 WTA Tampico Open Dates

The 2022 tournament in Tampico will be held from the 24th to the 29th of October 2022.

This year’s Tampico Tennis tournament will be played in the same week as the Erste Bank Open in Vienna and the Swiss Indoors in Basel.

2022 Tampico Open Tickets

Tickets for the 2022 Tournament in Tampico are for sale through the tournament’s official website.

2022 Tampico Open Players

The entry list for the 2022 tournament in Tampico has not yet been released so check back closer to the start of the tournament for further details on who will be playing in 2022.

2022 Tampico Open Tennis Schedule

Below is the expected schedule for the WTA Tampico tennis tournament (Please note that this schedule is subject to change).

Monday – Day 124 October 20221st Round Matches
Tuesday – Day 225 October 20221st Round Matches
Wednesday – Day 326 October 20222nd Round Matches
Thursday – Day 427 October 20222nd Round Matches
Friday – Day 528 October 2022Quarterfinal Matches
Saturday – Day 629 October 2022Semifinal Matches
Sunday – Day 730 October 2022Final

2022 WTA Tampico Open Draw

In 2022, there will be 32 players included in the singles draw, while in the doubles draw there will be a total of 16 teams.

The draw for the 2022 singles and doubles tournaments in Tampico will be made closer to the start of the tournament.

Singles Qualifying Draw: TBD

Singles Main Draw: TBD

Doubles Draw: TBD

2022 WTA Tampico Open Prize Money and Points

The total financial commitment (including Prize Money) for the 2022 tournament will be $115,000.

How the prize money is to be split has not been released yet so the below is based on other similar WTA 125 tournaments.

2022 Singles Prize Money and WTA Points

The winner of the Singles tournament in 2022 is expected to win $15,000 in prize money and 160 WTA points, while the runner-up is expected to win $8,000 and 95 WTA points.

Performance2022 Prize Money (TBC)WTA Points
2nd Round$2,00015
1st Round$1,2501

2022 Doubles Prize Money and WTA Points

The winners of the doubles tournament in 2022 are expected to win $6,000 ($3,000 each) in prize money and 160 WTA points, while the runner-ups are expected to win $4,300 ($2,150 each) in prize money and 95 WTA points.

Performance2022 Prize Money (TBC)WTA Points