Wilson Clash 100 vs 100 Pro (Tour)

The Wilson Clash 100 and the Wilson Clash 100 Pro (Tour) are two of the most popular rackets in the Wilson Clash range of tennis rackets.

The Clash 100 is aimed at intermediate tennis players while the Clash 100 Pro is aimed at more advanced tennis players who like to play with slightly heavier rackets.

This article will look at the differences between these two rackets to see which one may suit your game better!

Wilson Clash 100 vs 100 Pro (Tour)

Wilson Clash 100 and Wilson Clash 100 Pro (Tour) Differences

For this racket comparison, we will be using the V2 of the Wilson Clash 100 and Wilson Clash 100 Pro (Tour), which were both launched in 2022.

Racket Specs – Wilson Clash 100 vs 100 Pro (Tour)

Racket Specs:Wilson Clash 100Wilson Clash 100 Pro (Tour)
Racket:Wilson Clash 100 V2Wilson Clash 100 V2
Head Size:100in100in
Strung Weight:312g (11.0oz)326g (11.5oz)
Balance:7 Pts HL9 pts HL
Power Level:Low to MediumLow to Medium
Beam Width:24.5mm24.5mm
Racket Colours:Cherry RedCherry Red
String Pattern:16×1916×20
Grip Type:Wilson Pro PerformanceWilson Pro Performance

As you would expect, the Clash 100 and the Clash 100 Pro share more similarities than differences in terms of racket specs as they both have the same head size (100in), racket length (27in), and Beam Width (24.5mm).

In terms of differences, the Clash 100 Pro (326g) has a heavier strung weight when compared with the Clash 100 (312g).

The Clash 100 Pro (325g) also has a heavier swing weight than the Clash 100 (313g) so these two differences combined will mean that the Clash100 Pro is heavier to hold in your hand and it will feel a lot heavier to swing with.

The heavier weight of the Clash 100 Pro is slightly compensated for by it having a more head light balance (9 pts HL) than the Clash 100 (7 pts HL).

The major selling point of the Clash rackets is that they are super arm friendly with both of these tennis rackets having a stiffness rating under 60 so both are good options if you have suffered from tennis elbow in the past.

In my opinion, the Clash 100 Pro was slightly more arm friendly than the Clash 100 even though it has a higher stiffness rating but this may be because I am used to playing with a heavier racket so the Clash 100 was a bit too light for me.

Another difference between the two rackets is their string pattern with the Clash 100 having a 16×19 string pattern and the Clash 100 Pro having a 16×20 string pattern, so you will have more control with the Clash 100 Pro.

Racket Recommendations

If you are a beginner or intermediate tennis player then I would recommend that you opt for the Wilson Clash 100 over the Wilson Clash 100 Pro (Tour) as it gives you more free power and it is more forgiving on off-center shots.

However, if you are an advanced tennis player who has no problem generating your own power then the extra control you get with the Wilson Clash 100 Pro makes it a much better option for you.

In terms of different playing styles, I don’t think either tennis racket suits one particular playing style over another as they both are equally good at the baseline and at the net.

However, if you are a net rusher, a serve and volleyer, or an all-court player then the Clash 100 Pro is the much better option for you as it gives you tons of control and is great at the net.