Wilson Blade 98 vs Blade 104 (V8 Versions)

Below is our comparison of the Wilson Blade 98 vs Blade 104 tennis rackets.

Both rackets are very popular with recreational players so if you are not sure which of these rackets will suit your game better then you have come to the right place as this article will compare the two rackets and provide recommendations for different player styles and skill levels.

The Wilson Blade 98 and the Blade 104 tennis rackets are regularly updated by Wilson with both rackets currently in their 8th generation (V8).

As these rackets are very popular with recreational players, Wilson usually plays it relatively safe and will not make massive changes from version to version.

Both rackets are endorsed by top players on the WTA and ATP Tours with the Blade 98 being endorsed by tennis pros Simona Halep and Emma Raducanu while the Blade 104 is endorsed by seven time grand slam winner Venus Williams.

Wilson Blade 98 vs Blade 104 (V8 Versions)

Comparison of the Wilson Blade 98 vs Blade 104 V8

For this comparison, we will be using the 16 x 19 version of each tennis racket as the Wilson Blade 104 does not have an 18 x 20 version.

Racket Specs – Wilson Blade 98 vs Blade 104 V8

Although cosmetically the two tennis rackets look very similar, when you look at their specs, you will see that they are very different rackets to play with.

The most obvious difference between the two rackets is the head size with the Blade 98 having a head size that is 6 inches smaller than the Blade 104.

This means the Blade 98 will have a smaller sweet spot and will have less easy power than the Blade 104.

One other big difference is the racket length with the Blade 104 being half an inch longer than the Blade 98.

Longer racket lengths generally suit players that use a two handed backhand as there is more room on the handle to hold your two handed backhand grip.

In terms of weight, the Blade 98 is slightly heavier with a strung weight of 320g compared to a strung weight of 306g for the Blade 104.

Both rackets have a swing weight of 317g and a similar headlight balance so both will be relatively easy to swing.

Wilson Blade 98 16×19vsWilson Blade 104 16×19
Wilson Blade 98 Version 8Racket:Wilson Blade 98 Version 8
98inHead Size:104in
320g (11.3oz)Strung Weight:306g (10.8oz)
305g (10.8oz)Unstrung Weight:290g (10.2oz)
5 pts HLStrung Balance:6 pts HL
7 pts HLUnstrung Balance:9 pts HL
61Stiffness Rating:60
21mmBeam Width:22.5mm
Braided GraphiteComposition:Braided Graphite
Green and BlackRacket Colours:Green and Black
16 Mains / 19 CrossesString Pattern:16 Mains / 19 Crosses
22-27kg / 50-60lbString Tension Range:22-27kg / 50-60lb
Check Price on Amazon!Price:Check Price on Amazon!

Racket Recommendations

If you are still undecided on which of these two rackets will suit your game, I have listed some recommendations based on different player types and skill levels below.


I really wouldn’t recommend either of these two rackets to a beginner but if you really wanted one of these rackets then the Blade 104 would be the more appropriate racket for beginners as its bigger head size and lower strung weight will make it easier for beginners to hit with.

Intermediate Tennis Players

I would recommend the Blade 98 if you are an intermediate tennis player with a one handed backhand and the Blade 104 if you use a two handed backhand.

If you are an intermediate player that struggles to generate power on your shots, then definitely go for the Wilson Blade 104.

Advanced Tennis Players

Advanced tennis players will definitely gravitate towards the Blade 98 rather than the Blade 104 as it offers way more control and precision on your shots.

The Blade 98 is also great if you have a one handed backhand.

Tennis Players with Tennis Elbow

Both rackets have a relatively low stiffness rating at 61 for the Blade 98 and 60 for the Blade 104 but I would have to give the edge to the Blade 98 as I think that little bit of extra weight will help with tennis elbow issues.

Counter Punchers

If you are a counter puncher who likes to play from the baseline, then I think the Blade 104 will be your best option as it will help you generate easy power, spin and will be more forgiving on off center shots.

Net Rushers/Serve and Volley Players

Net Rushers /Serve and Volley Players will definitely prefer the Wilson Blade 98 as it has that extra bit of control and precision needed to make those difficult volleys at the net.