Solinco Blackout 300 vs Whiteout 305

For years Solinco were better known for their tennis strings but they are less known for their tennis rackets.

However, recently they have released two new ranges called Blackout and Whiteout, that have become increasingly popular with recreational players.

Currently, no tennis pros are endorsing any Solinco tennis rackets but this might change as their tennis rackets are very popular at the recreational level.

The Solinco Blackout is more focused on power while the Solinco Whiteout is more focused on control.

For this article, we will compare the Solinco Blackout 300 and the Solinco Whiteout 305 so we can see what are the main differences between the two rackets.

Solinco Blackout 300 vs Whiteout 305

Comparison of the Solinco Blackout 300 and Whiteout 305

For this comparison, we will be using the 2022 Version of both the Solinco Blackout 300 and Solinco Whiteout 305.

Racket Specs – Solinco Blackout 300 vs Whiteout 305

Racket Specs:Solinco Blackout 300Solinco Whiteout 305
Version:2022 (Version 1)2022 (Version 1)
Racket:Solinco Blackout 300Solinco Whiteout 305
Head Size:100in98in
Strung Weight:320g (11.3oz)323g (11.4oz)
Balance:6 pts HL4 pts HL
Stiffness:71 RA66 RA
Beam Width:23.5mm / 26mm / 23mm21.7mm / 21.7mm / 21.7mm
Composition:40T Carbon and Graphite40T Carbon and Graphite
Racket Colours:BlackWhite
String Pattern:16 x 1916 x 19
String Tension Range:22-27kg / 50-60lb22-27kg / 50-60lb
Price:Check Price on AmazonCheck Price on Amazon

Head Size and Racket Length

The Solinco Blackout 300 has a bigger head size (100in) than the Solinco Whiteout 305 (98in).

Both Solinco tennis rackets have a racket length of 27 inches which is the standard length for most adult rackets.

Strung Weight and Swing Weight

Both tennis rackets have very similar strung weights with only 3 grams in the difference so when holding the two rackets you aren’t going to notice much of a difference.

However, when it comes to swing weight there is a much bigger difference as the Solinco Whiteout 305 feels significantly heavier to swing.


Both tennis rackets have a head light balance with the Blackout 300 having a 6 pts HL balance and the Whiteout 305 having a 4 pts HL balance.

With its more head light balance and lighter strung and swing weight, the Blackout 300 is definitely the more maneuverable of the two tennis rackets.

Stiffness Rating

The Solinco Blackout 300 is the stiffer of the two rackets with a stiffness rating of 71.

The Solinco Whiteout 305 has a lower stiffness rating of 66 so is likely to be the more arm-friendly of the two rackets.

Beam Width

As you would expect from the more powerful Blackout 300, it has a thicker beam width when compared with the Whiteout 305.


The Whiteout 305 is a low powered frame so you will need to have a full swing and good technique to get the most of this racket.

In terms of power, you get a lot more help from the Blackout 300 so if you are a beginner-intermediate player then this racket is probably the best option for you.

String Pattern

Both the Solinco Blackout 300 and the Solinco Whiteout 305 have a 16 x 19 string pattern.

If you want to learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of the different string patterns, check out our article on tennis racket string patterns.


Both tennis rackets have nice designs but I would have to say that I prefer the Whiteout 305 as it just has a bit more character than the Blackout 300.

Final Thoughts

I hope you enjoyed our comparison of the Blackout 300 vs Whiteout 305 tennis rackets.

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