Head Instinct MP vs Babolat Pure Drive

In this article, I will look at the racket specs of the Babolat Pure Drive and Head Instinct MP to see how these two rackets compare to each other.

Head Instinct MP vs Babolat Pure Drive

General Info

Below is some general information on these rackets including their brand, version, composition, and colors.

General infoInstinct MPPure Drive
Composition:Graphene 360+/GraphiteGraphite

Racket Specs

Below is a comparison of the technical specifications of the Instinct MP (or “MP”) and Pure Drive (or “PD”) tennis rackets.

Main Differences: The Instinct MP has a lower swing weight (313 vs 320), and a lower frame stiffness rating (64 vs 71).

Similarities: Both rackets have the same head size (100in), racket length (27in), strung weight (318g), and beam width (23mm / 26mm / 23mm).

Racket Specs:MPPD% Difference
Head Size (sq cm)6456450.00%
Head Size (sq in)1001000.00%
Length (cm)68.5868.580.00%
Length (in)27270.00%
String Pattern16×1916 x 19
Strung Balance (cm)32.9932.990.00%
Strung Balance (pts)440.00%
Strung Weight (grams)3183180.00%
Strung Weight (ounces)
Swing Weight3133202.24%
Unstrung Weight (grams)3003000.00%
Unstrung Weight (ounces)10.5810.580.00%
Frame Stiffness647110.94%
Beam Width (mm)23 / 26 / 2323 / 26 / 230.00%

1 Head Light or Head Heavy

Pros and Cons

Below are what I think are the main pros and cons of these two tennis rackets.

Pros:Low Swing Weight, fast and easy to swing, good mix of power, control, and feelGood mix of power, control, and spin, a generous sweet spot, and easy power on serves
Cons:Lacks Stability when playing against hard hittersRelatively high stiffness rating

Head to Head

Below are my recommendations in terms of which racket is better in terms of Power, Control, Spin, and Arm Friendliness.

PowerWinner Grey
SpinWinner Grey
Arm FriendlinessWinner

Player Recommendations

Below are our my recommendations for recreational players at the beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels.

Player LevelMPPD

Pro Player Endorsements

The Pure Drive is endorsed by Garbine Muguruza, Karolina Pliskova, Fabio Fognini, and Sofia Kenin, while the Instinct MP is not currently endorsed by any pro tennis player.

Where can you buy these rackets?

The rackets are for sale in most good online tennis shops and through the Head and Babolat websites.