Head Gravity Pro vs Babolat Pure Strike

The Head Gravity Pro and Babolat Pure Strike are good all-round tennis rackets that are very popular with intermediate to advanced tennis players.

Their popularity may partly be down to the fact that the Gravity Pro is endorsed by Alexander Zverev and the Pure Strike is endorsed by Dominic Thiem.

This article will look at the racket specs of each of these rackets to see how they compare to each other.

Head Gravity Pro vs Babolat Pure Strike

Gravity Pro vs Pure Strike

For this comparison, I will be using the 2023 Version of the Head Gravity Pro (or “HGP”) and the 3rd Generation of the Babolat Pure Strike (or “BPS”).

The BPS has an 18×20 string pattern version and a 16×19 string pattern version but I have only included the 18×20 version in my comparison below.

However, the BPS 16×19 racket has very similar specs to the BPS 18×20 so the comparisons to the HGP will be very similar to the ones outlined below.

Racket Specs Comparison

Main Differences: The Gravity Pro has a larger head size (100in vs 98in), a heavier strung weight (11.7oz vs 11.4oz), a more head light balance (6 pts HL vs 4 pts HL), a lower frame stiffness rating (63 vs 66), and a thinner beam width (20mm vs 21mm / 23mm / 21mm).

Similarities: Both rackets have the same racket length (27in), swing weight (334), and string pattern (18×20).

Specs:Gravity ProPure Strike 18×20
Version:20233rd Generation
Design:Head Gravity 2023Babolat Pure Strike
Head Size:100in98in
Strung Weight:332g (11.7oz)323g (11.4oz)
Balance:6 pts HL4 pts HL
Frame Stiffness:6366
Beam Width:20mm21mm / 23mm / 21mm
Colors:Black and PurpleCoral and White
String Pattern:18 x 2018 x 20
Grip Type:Head Hydrosorb ProBabolat Syntec Team

Head Size and Length

One of the most obvious differences between the two rackets is the head size with the HGP (100in) having a head size that is two inches bigger than the BPS (98in).

Both rackets have the exact same racket length (27in).

Strung Weight, Swing Weight, and Balance

The HGP (332g) has a heavier strung weight when compared with the BPS (323g).

The HGP (6 pts HL) has more of a head light balance than the BPS (4 pts HL), with both rackets having the same swing weight (334g).

Stiffness Rating

The BPS has a stiffness rating of 66, while the HGP tennis racket has a stiffness rating of 63.

Having played with both rackets, I found the HGP to be much more arm friendly than the Pure Strike racket.

Beam Width

The HGP (20mm) has a thinner beam width than the BPS (21mm / 23mm / 21mm) so you should have more control with the HGP but more power with the BPS.

String Pattern

The HGP only has an 18 x 20 version but you have the option of getting the BPS with a 16×19 or 18×20 string pattern.

A 16×19 string pattern is a good option if you need some help generating spin then but an 18×20 string pattern will be the better option for you if you are looking for more control on your shots.


Both of these tennis rackets have a nice design but I definitely think the Gravity Pro looks nicer.

Where to buy these tennis rackets

You can buy these tennis rackets on online shops such as Amazon, Tennis Warehouse, and Tennis-Point.


Which racket is better for a one handed backhand?

I would recommend the BPS over the HGP for one handed backhand players.

Which tennis racket is better for a recreational player?

I think both of these tennis rackets are not suitable for the vast majority of recreational tennis players as they are too heavy but if I had to recommend one over the other then it would be the HGP as it has a lower swing weight and stiffness rating.