Davis Cup Finals

The Davis Cup Finals is an annual international team tournament in tennis where 18 countries compete to win the top team event in tennis. In 2019, the Davis Cup Finals replaced the old Davis Cup format which involved matches being played at different points throughout the year with only two teams competing in the Davis Cup Final.

2021 Davis Cup Finals

The 2021 Davis Cup Finals will be held in three cities, Innsbruck in Austria, Madrid in Spain, and Turin in Italy from the 25th of November to the 5th of December 2021 with the final being played in Madrid on the 5th of December.

A total of 18 countries will compete in the 2021 Davis Cup Finals including Australia, Austria, Canada, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ecuador, France, Germany, Great Britain, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Russia, Serbia, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

The 18 countries will be split into 6 groups of 3 with matches being played in a round robin format. The winner of each group will qualify for the quarterfinals along with the 2 best second place teams (this will be based on sets and games won).

Each of the three host cities will host the matches for two of the groups with Group A and B in Madrid, Group C and F in Innsbruck and Group D and E in Turin. Two of the Quater Finals will be in Madrid with one quarter final being held in Innsbruck and Turin. Madrid will host both semi finals and the final.

2021 Davis Cup Finals Groups

Group A: Spain, Russia and Ecuador

Group B: Canada, Kazakhstan and Sweden

Group C: France, Great Britain and the Czech Republic

Group D: Croatia, Australia and Hungary

Group E: USA, Italy and Colombia

Group F: Serbia, Germany and Austria

2021 Davis Cup Finals Schedule

DateMatchGroup/RoundLocationStart Time
25 Nov 2021France Vs the Czech RepublicCInnsbruck3:00 PM
25 Nov 2021Canada Vs SwedenBMadrid3:00 PM
25 Nov 2021Croatia Vs AustraliaDTurin3:00 PM
26 Nov 2021Serbia Vs AustriaFInnsbruck3:00 PM
26 Nov 2021Spain Vs EcuadorAMadrid3:00 PM
26 Nov 2021USA Vs ItalyETurin3:00 PM
27 Nov 2021France Vs Great BritainCInnsbruck9:00 AM
27 Nov 2021Serbia Vs GermanyFInnsbruck3:00 PM
27 Nov 2021Kazakhstan Vs SwedenBMadrid9:00 AM
27 Nov 2021Russia Vs EcuadorAMadrid3:00 PM
27 Nov 2021Australia Vs HungaryDTurin9:00 AM
27 Nov 2021Italy Vs ColombiaETurin3:00 PM
28 Nov 2021Great Britain Vs Czech RepublicCInnsbruck9:00 AM
28 Nov 2021Germany Vs AustriaFInnsbruck3:00 PM
28 Nov 2021Canada Vs KazakhstanBMadrid9:00 AM
28 Nov 2021Spain Vs RussiaAMadrid3:00 PM
28 Nov 2021Croatia Vs HungaryDTurin9:00 AM
28 Nov 2021USA Vs ColumbiaETurin3:00 PM
29 Nov 2021Winner Group D Vs Winner Group EQuarter FinalsTurin3:00 PM
30 Nov 2021Winner Group C Vs Winner Group FQuarter FinalsInnsbruck3:00 PM
1 Dec 2021Winner Group B Vs Runner Up A or BQuarter FinalsMadrid3:00 PM
2 Dec 2021Winner Group A Vs Runner Up A or BQuarter FinalsMadrid3:00 PM
3 Dec 2021Semi Finalists – Bottom Half of the DrawSemi FinalsMadrid3:00 PM
4 Dec 2021Semi Finalists – Bottom Half of the DrawSemi FinalsMadrid12:00 PM
5 Dec 2021Davis Cup FinalFinalMadrid3:00 PM

My Predictions for the 2021 Davis Cup Finals

Below are my predictions for who is going to make it through to the quarter finals and who will win the 2021 Davis Cup Finals. Let me know your predictions in the comments.

Quarter Finals:

Croatia vs Italy

France vs Serbia

Sweden vs the USA

Russia vs Great Britain

Semi Finals:

Croatia vs France

Russia vs the USA


France vs Russia



Update (6/12/21): I didn’t quite get all my predictions right but I was able to predict the eventual winners.

2021 Davis Cup Finals Tickets

Matches in Innsbruck are being played behind closed doors but you can still buy tickets for matches being played in Madrid and Turin. Check the official Davis Cup Finals website for details.

Davis Cup Winners in the Open Era

Below is a list of Davis Cup Winners in the Open Era. The most successful country in this period was the USA with 13 Davis Cup wins followed by Sweden with 7 and Australia/Spain with 6 each.

YearWinnerRunner UpScoreFinal Location
2021RussiaCroatia2-0Madrid, Spain
2019Spain Canada2–0Madrid, Spain
2018Croatia France3–1Lille, France
2017France Belgium3–2Lille, France
2016Argentina Croatia3–2Zagreb, Croatia
2015 Great Britain Belgium3–1Ghent, Belgium
2014 Switzerland France3–1Lille, France
2013 Czech Republic Serbia3–2Belgrade, Serbia
2012 Czech Republic Spain3–2Prague, Czech Republic
2011 Spain Argentina3–1Seville, Spain
2010 Serbia France3–2Belgrade, Serbia
2009 Spain Czech Republic5–0Barcelona, Spain
2008 Spain Argentina3–1Mar del Plata, Argentina
2007 United States Russia4–1Portland, United States
2006 Russia Argentina3–2Moscow, Russia
2005 Croatia Slovakia3–2Bratislava, Slovakia
2004 SpainUSA3–2Seville, Spain
2003 Australia Spain3–1Melbourne, Australia
2002 Russia France3–2Paris, France
2001 France Australia3–2Melbourne, Australia
2000 Spain Australia3–1Barcelona, Spain
1999 Australia France3–2Nice, France
1998 Sweden Italy4–1Milan, Italy
1997 Sweden USA5–0Gothenburg, Sweden
1996 France Sweden3–2Malmö, Sweden
1995 United States Russia3–2Moscow, Russia
1994 Sweden Russia4–1Moscow, Russia
1993 GermanyAustralia4–1Düsseldorf, Germany
1992 United StatesSwitzerland3–1Fort Worth, United States
1991 FranceUSA3–1Lyon, France
1990 United States Australia3–2St. Petersburg, United States
1989 West Germany Sweden3–2Stuttgart, West Germany
1988 West Germany Sweden4–1Gothenburg, Sweden
1987 Sweden India5–0Gothenburg, Sweden
1986 Australia Sweden3–2Melbourne, Australia
1985 Sweden West Germany3–2Munich, West Germany
1984 Sweden United States4–1Gothenburg, Sweden
1983 Australia Sweden3–2Melbourne, Australia
1982 United States France4–1Grenoble, France
1981 United States Argentina3–1Cincinnati, United States
1980 Czechoslovakia Italy4–1Prague, Czechoslovakia
1979 United States Italy5–0San Francisco, United States
1978 United States Great Britain4–1Rancho Mirage, United States
1977 Australia Italy3–1Sydney, Australia
1976 Italy Chile4–1Santiago, Chile
1975 Sweden Czechoslovakia3–2Stockholm, Sweden
1974 South Africa Indiaw/oN/A
1973 Australia United States5–0Cleveland, United States
1972 United States Romania3–2Bucharest, Romania
1971 United States Romania3–2Charlotte, United States
1970 United States West Germany5–0Cleveland, United States
1969 United States Romania5–0Cleveland, United States
1968 United States Australia4–1Adelaide, Australia
Davis Cup Finals
Davis Cup Finals

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