Babolat Pure Drive vs Yonex Ezone 98

This article will look at the racket specs of the Babolat Pure Drive (or “PD”) and Yonex Ezone 98 (or “E98”) to see how these two tennis rackets compare to each other.

Both the Pure Drive and Ezone 98 are endorsed by several top tennis pros including Fabio Fognini (PD), Garbine Muguruza (PD), Jessica Pegula (E98), Karolina Pliskova (PD), and Nick Kyrgios (E98).

Babolat Pure Drive vs Yonex Ezone 98

Babolat Pure Drive vs Yonex Ezone 98 – Comparison

For this comparison, I used the 2021 version of the Pure Drive and the 2022 version of the Ezone 98.

Racket Specs Comparison

Main Differences: The Ezone 98 has a smaller head size (98in vs 100in), a higher strung weight (323g vs 318g), a more head light balance (6 pts HL vs 4 pts HL), a slightly lower swing weight (318 vs 320), a lower stiffness rating (65 vs 71), an overall thinner beam width (23.5mm / 24.5mm / 19.5mm vs 23mm / 26mm / 23mm).

SpecsPure DriveEzone 98
Design:Babolat Pure DriveYonex Ezone 98
Head Size:100in98in
Strung Weight:318g (11.2oz)323g (11.4oz)
Balance:4 pts HL6 pts HL
TW Stiffness Rating:7165
Beam Width:23mm / 26mm / 23mm23.5mm / 24.5mm / 19.5mm
Colors:Blue and BlackBlue and Black
String Pattern:16 Mains * 19 Crosses16 Mains * 19 Crosses
Grip:Babolat Syntec ProYonex Synthetic Grip

Head Size

One of the most obvious differences between the two tennis rackets is their head size with the head size of the PD (100in) being two inches bigger than the E98 (98in), with the PD being more forgiving than the E98.


Both of these rackets have a standard 27in length but you do have the option of getting extended versions of these rackets (Ezone 98+ and Pure Drive Plus).

Strung Weight, Swing Weight, and Balance

The E98 has a heavier strung weight (323g) when compared with the PD (318g) so it should feel slightly heavier when you are holding your E98 in your hand.

However, the E98 (318g) has a lower swing weight than the PD (320g) so it will be the lighter of the two rackets to swing.

This is mainly due to the E98 (6pts HL) having a more head light balance when compared with the PD (4pts HL).

Frame Racket Stiffness

The E98 has a lower stiffness rating (65) than the PD (71) so it is likely to be the more comfortable to play with over a long period of time.

71 may seem like a high stiffness rating for the PD but I have played with a PD in the past and I never had any issues with my arm or elbow.

Beam Width

Overall, the PD has a slightly thicker beam width than the E98 so you should get more power on your shots using the PD.


Are these rackets good for beginners?

Although the PD and E98 are good, solid tennis rackets, I wouldn’t recommend them to a beginner as I think beginners would be better off going for a lighter frame e.g. Wilson Clash 100L.

However, if you are determined to get one of these rackets then the PD is your better option as it has a larger head size and is a more forgiving racket overall.

Which is better for One Handed Backhand Players?

I would recommend the E98 as it has a more head light balance and a 98in head size which is ideal for players who hit with a one handed backhand.

Which is better for Advanced Players?

In my opinion, the E98 is the better option for advanced players as I found the PD had too much power and I would struggle to keep my balls in on a consistent basis.