Australian Open Tennis Prize Money

The total prize money for the 2023 Australian Open Tennis Tournament will be AUD$76.5 million dollars which is an increase of approximately 3.4% from the AUD$74 million dollars paid out to players in 2022.

The winners of the Men’s and Women’s Singles Titles in 2023 will win $2.975 million dollars each (2022: $2.875 million) with runner-ups winning $1.625 million dollars each (2022: $1.575 million).

Below you will find tables detailing a breakdown of the prize money awarded to players in the Singles, Doubles, and Mixed events in 2023 and 2022.

Australian Open Prize Money

Men’s and Women’s Singles

The Singles Prize Fund for the 2023 Australian Open has increased by between 3% and 4% at all levels when compared with the 2022 singles tournament.

The winners of the 2023 singles, will receive $100,000 more than Ashleigh Barty and Rafael Nadal received for winning the 2022 singles events.

NB: All amounts below are in Australian Dollars.

Round20232022$ Change% Change
Runner Up$1,625,000$1,575,000$50,0003.17%
4th Round$338,250$328,000$10,2503.13%
3rd Round$227,925$221,000$6,9253.13%
2nd Round$158,850$154,000$4,8503.15%
1st Round$106,250$103,000$3,2503.16%

Men’s and Women’s Singles Qualifying

2023 players losing in the first round of qualifying will receive $26,000, with players losing in the second round receiving $36,575, and players losing in the third round of qualifying receiving $55,150.

Qualifying20232022$ Change% Change

Men’s and Women’s Doubles

The prize fund for the Men’s and Women’s Doubles tournaments in 2023 increased by between 2% and 4% with the winning team in 2023 receiving $695,000 ($347,500 each).

Performance20232022$ Change% Change
Runner Up$370,000$360,000$10,0002.78%
3rd Round$67,250$65,250$2,0003.07%
2nd Round$46,500$45,100$1,4003.10%
1st Round$30,975$30,050$9253.08%

Mixed Doubles

Similar to the singles and doubles events, the prize fund for the 2022 mixed doubles competition increased by between 2% and 3%, with the 2023 winners receiving $157,750 ($78,875 each).

Performance20232022$ Change% Change
Runner Up$89,450$87,550$1,9002.17%
2nd Round$12,650$12,350$3002.43%
1st Round$6,600$6,450$1502.33%


What do you receive for winning the Australian Open Tennis Grand Slam?

In 2023, the winners of the singles events will win $2,975,000, while the winners of the doubles events will win $695,000 ($347,500 each), and the winners of the mixed doubles will win $157,750 ($78,875 each).

Does the Australian Open pay equal Prize Money to Men and Women?

Yes, they have paid equal money for the women’s and men’s events since 2001.

Are junior Aussie Open players paid anything?

No, like all junior tournaments, junior players are not paid for their performances at grand slam events.