ATP Challenger Calendar 2022

Below is a list of ATP Challenger Tournaments that are scheduled for the 2022 season. Please note that the dates in the below ATP Challenger Calendar are subject to change so check the official website for the relevant tournament or check out the Official ATP website for the latest information and dates.

ATP Challenger Schedule (Confirmed Dates)

Start DateATP ChallengerLevel
16-May-22Shymkent 2 ChallengerChallenger 80
16-May-22Tunis ChallengerChallenger 80
16-May-22Francavilla ChallengerChallenger 50
23-May-22Troisdorf ChallengerChallenger 80
23-May-22Vicenza ChallengerChallenger 80
30-May-22Forli 6 ChallengerChallenger 125
30-May-22Surbiton ChallengerChallenger 125
30-May-22Prostejov ChallengerChallenger 100
30-May-22Poznan ChallengerChallenger 90
30-May-22Little Rock ChallengerChallenger 80
06-Jun-22Nottingham, Great BritainChallenger 125
06-Jun-22PerugiaChallenger 125
06-Jun-22LyonChallenger 100
06-Jun-22BratislavaChallenger 80
06-Jun-22OrlandoChallenger 80
06-Jun-22Emilia-Romagna Tennis CupChallenger 125
13-Jun-22IlkleyChallenger 125
13-Jun-22BloisChallenger 80
13-Jun-22CorrientesChallenger 50
20-Jun-22MilanChallenger 80
20-Jun-22Villa AllendeChallenger 50
20-Jun-22Oeiras 3Challenger 50
27-Jun-22MalagaChallenger 80
27-Jun-22QuitoChallenger 50
27-Jun-22TroyesChallenger 50
27-Jun-22Platzmann-Sauerland-Open, Luedenscheid, GermanyChallenger 80
04-Jul-22Salzburg Tennis Open, Salzburg-Anif, AustriaChallenger 125
04-Jul-22Sparkassen Open, Braunschweig, GermanyChallenger 125
04-Jul-22Bogota ChallengerChallenger 80
04-Jul-22Porto, PortugalChallenger 80
04-Jul-22Internazionali di Tennis Citta di Todi, Todi, ItalyChallenger 80
11-Jul-22Concord Iasi Open, Iasi, RomaniaChallenger 100
11-Jul-22Rome, GA, U.S.A.Challenger 80
11-Jul-22Van Mossel Dutch Open, Amersfoort, NetherlandsChallenger 80
11-Jul-22Internazionali di Tennis Verona, Verona, ItalyChallenger 80
11-Jul-22Zagreb 2Challenger 80
18-Jul-22Citta di Trieste Challenger, Trieste, ItalyChallenger 100
18-Jul-22Indianspolis, IN, U.S.A.Challenger 80
18-Jul-22President’s Cup, Nur Sultan, KazakhstanChallenger 80
18-Jul-22Open de Tenis Ciudad de Pozoblanco, SpainChallenger 80
18-Jul-22Tampere Open, Tampere, FinlandChallenger 80
25-Jul-22Zug, SwitzerlandChallenger 125
25-Jul-22Open Castilla y Leon, Segovia, SpainChallenger 90
25-Jul-22Winnipeg, CanadaChallenger 80
25-Jul-22San Benedetto, ItalyChallenger 80
1-Aug-22Svijany Open, Liberec, Czech RepublicChallenger 80
7-Aug-22Rhein Asset Open, Meerbusch, GermanyChallenger 80
8-Aug-22Internazionali di Tennis San Marino Open, San MarinoChallenger 90
12-Sep-22Atlantic Tire Championships, Cary, NC, U.S.A.Challenger 80
19-Sep-22Tennis Ohio Championships (Columbus Challenger)Challenger 80

ATP Challengers with Dates to Be Confirmed

The below ATP Challenger Tournaments have not confirmed their start dates for the 2022 Season. We will update this page as soon as we are made aware of the dates for any of the tournaments below.

Expected Start DateChallengersLevel
August 2022Internazionali di Tennis del Friuli Venezia Giulia, Cordenons, ItalyChallenger 80
August 2022TK Sparta Prague Open, Prague, Czech RepublicChallenger 50
August 2022BNP Paribas Polish Cup, Warsaw, PolandChallenger 80
August 2022Open Citta della Disfida, Barletta, ItalyChallenger 80
August 2022IBG Prague Open, Prague, Czech RepublicChallenger 50
August 2022Citta di Como, Como, ItalyChallenger 80
August 2022Rafa Nadal Open, Mallorca, SpainChallenger 80
September 2022NO Open, Tulln, AustriaChallenger 100
September 2022LVII Copa Sevilla, Seville, SpainChallenger 90
September 2022Cassis Open Provence, Cassis, FranceChallenger 80
September 2022Kyiv Open, Kyiv, UkraineChallenger 80
September 2022Srpska Open, Banja Luka, Bosnia & HerzegovinaChallenger 80
September 2022Pekao Szczecin Open, Szczecin, PolandChallenger 125
September 2022Open Blot Rennes, Rennes, FranceChallenger 90
September 2022Dove Men + Care Quito Challenger, Quito, EcuadorChallenger 80
September 2022Istanbul Challenger Ted Open, Istanbul, TurkeyChallenger 80
September 2022Ambato La Gran Ciudad, Ambato, EcuadorChallenger 80
September 2022Braga Open, Braga, PortugalChallenger 80
September 2022FlowBank Challenger Biel/Bienne, Biel, SwitzerlandChallenger 80
September 2022Trofeul Tiriac-Nastase, Bucharest, RomaniaChallenger 80
September 202216eme Open d’Orleans, Orleans, FranceChallenger 125
September 2022Dove Men+Care Legion Sudamericana Lima, Lima, PeruChallenger 80
September 2022Del Monte Lisboa Belem Open, Lisbon, PortugalChallenger 80
September 2022Murcia Open, Murcia, SpainChallenger 80
September 2022Sibiu Open, Sibiu, RomaniaChallenger 80
October 2022Open de Vendee, Mouilleron-Le-Captif, FranceChallenger 90
October 2022Dove Men+Care Legion Sudamericana 2, Santiago, ChileChallenger 80
October 2022Emilio Sanchez Academy, Barcelona, SpainChallenger 80
October 2022Tennis Napoli Cup, Napoli, ItalyChallenger 80
October 2022Dove Men+Care Legion Sudamericana 3, Santiago, ChileChallenger 80
October 2022Alicante Ferrero Challenger, Alicante, SpainChallenger 80
October 2022Vesuvio Cup, Napoli, ItalyChallenger 80
October 2022Bogota Open, Bogota, ColombiaChallenger 80
October 2022Dove Men+Care Circuit Challenger Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires, ArgentinaChallenger 80
October 2022Losinj Open, Losinj, CroatiaChallenger 80
October 2022Open Brest-Credit Agricole, Brest, FranceChallenger 90
October 2022Las Vegas Tennis Open, Las Vegas, NV, USAChallenger 80
October 2022Lima Challenger, Lima, PeruChallenger 80
October 2022Wolffkran Open, Ismaning, GermanyChallenger 80
November 2022Challenger Ciudad de Guayaquil, Guayaquil, EcuadorChallenger 80
November 2022Charlottesville Men’s Pro Challenger, Charlottesville, VA, U.S.A.Challenger 80
November 2022Challenger Eckental, Eckental, GermanyChallenger 80
November 2022Tenerife Challenger, Tenerife, SpainChallenger 80
November 2022Trofeo Faip-Perrel, Bergamo, ItalyChallenger 80
November 2022Open International De Tennis De Roanne, Roanne, FranceChallenger 100
November 2022Peugeot Slovak Open, Bratislava, SlovakiaChallenger 90
November 2022Knoxville Challenger, Knoxville, TN, U.S.A.Challenger 80
November 2022Uruguay Open, Montevideo, UruguayChallenger 80
November 2022Sparkasse Challenger Val Gardena/Sudtirol, Ortisei, ItalyChallenger 80
November 2022Terega Open Pau-Pyrenees, Pau, FranceChallenger 100
November 2022Campeonato Internacional de Tenis, Campinas, BrazilChallenger 80
November 2022Champaign Challenger, Champaign, IL, U.S.A.Challenger 80
November 2022HPP Open 2021, Helsinki, FinlandChallenger 80
November 2022Aberto Da Republica, Brasilia, BrazilChallenger 80
November 2022Bahrain Ministry Of Interior Tennis Challenger, Manama, BahrainChallenger 80
November 2022Puerto Vallarta Open, Puerto Vallarta, MexicoChallenger 80
November 2022Open Citta Di Bari, Bari, ItalyChallenger 80
November 2022Dove Men+Care Challenger Sao PauloChallenger 80
November 2022Forli 2, Forli, ItalyChallenger 80
November 2022Megasaray Hotels Open, Antalya, TurkeyChallenger 50
December 2022Dove Men + Care – La Legion, Florianopolis, BrazilChallenger 80
December 2022Citta’ Di Forli’ 3, Forli, ItalyChallenger 80
December 2022Maia Open 1, Maia, PortugalChallenger 80
December 2022MTA Open, Antalya, TurkeyChallenger 50
December 2022Rio Tennis Classic, Rio De Janeiro, BrazilChallenger 80
December 2022Maia Open 2, Maia, PortugalChallenger 80

ATP Challengers Completed in 2022

Start DateATP ChallengerLevel
03-Jan-22Bendigo, AustraliaChallenger 80
03-Jan-22Traralgon, AustraliaChallenger 80
03-Jan-22Buenos Aires, ArgentinaChallenger 50
03-Jan-22Forli 1, ItalyChallenger 50
10-Jan-22Forli 2, ItalyChallenger 80
10-Jan-22Blumenau, BrazilChallenger 50
17-Jan-22Forli 3, ItalyChallenger 80
17-Jan-22Concepcion, ChileChallenger 80
24-Jan-22Quimper, FranceChallenger 80
24-Jan-22Columbus, Ohio, USAChallenger 80
24-Jan-22Santa Cruz de la Sierra, BoliviaChallenger 80
31-Jan-22Cleveland, Ohio, USAChallenger 80
31-Jan-22Bayamon 1, Puerto RicoChallenger 80
31-Jan-22Cleveland Open, Cleveland, OH, U.S.A.Challenger 80
07-Feb-22Bayamon 2, Puerto RicoChallenger 80
07-Feb-22Bengaluru Tennis Open, IndiaChallenger 125
07-Feb-22Challenger Cherbourg – La MancheChallenger 100
14-Feb-22Bengaluru 2Challenger 80
14-Feb-22Forli 4Challenger 80
21-Feb-22Pau, FranceChallenger 100
21-Feb-22Forli 5Challenger 80
28-Feb-22Gran CanariaChallenger 80
02-Mar-22MonterreyChallenger 100
07-Mar-22SantiagoChallenger 80
07-Mar-22Roseto Degli Abruzzi 1Challenger 80
14-Mar-22Concepcion 2Challenger 80
14-Mar-22Roseto Degli Abruzzi 2Challenger 80
15-Mar-22Arizona Tennis ClassicChallenger 125
21-Mar-22Lille, FranceChallenger 90
21-Mar-22Santa Cruz De La Sierra, BoliviaChallenger 50
21-Mar-22Marbella, SpainChallenger 125
28-Mar-22Pereira, ColombiaChallenger 80
28-Mar-22Lugano, SwitzerlandChallenger 80
28-Mar-22Oeiras 1, PortugalChallenger 80
28-Mar-22St. Brieuc, FranceChallenger 80
04-Apr-22Mexico CityChallenger 125
04-Apr-22SalinasChallenger 80
04-Apr-22MurciaChallenger 80
04-Apr-22Oeiras 2Challenger 80
04-Apr-22SanremoChallenger 80
11-Apr-22SarasotaChallenger 100
11-Apr-22San Luis PotosiChallenger 80
11-Apr-22BarlettaChallenger 80
11-Apr-22MadridChallenger 80
18-Apr-22AguascalientesChallenger 80
18-Apr-22TallahasseeChallenger 80
18-Apr-22Prague 1Challenger 80
18-Apr-22SplitChallenger 80
25-Apr-22Buenos Aires 2Challenger 80
25-Apr-22MorelosChallenger 80
25-Apr-22SavannahChallenger 80
25-Apr-22OstravaChallenger 80
25-Apr-22Rome 1Challenger 80
02-May-22Open Pays d’Aix CEPACChallenger 125
02-May-22MauthausenChallenger 100
02-May-22Salvador De BahiaChallenger 80
02-May-22Prague 2Challenger 80
09-May-22BordeauxChallenger 125
09-May-22HeilbronnChallenger 100
09-May-22CoquimboChallenger 80
09-May-22Shymkent 1Challenger 80
09-May-22ZagrebChallenger 80
ATP Challenger Calendar 2022
ATP Challenger Calendar 2022

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