2022 ITF Women’s Calendar

Below is the ITF Women’s Calendar of tournaments that are due to be played for the 2022 ITF Women’s World Tennis Tour.

Please note that the dates in the below ITF tournament schedule are subject to change so check the official website for the relevant tournament or check out the Official ITF website for the latest information and dates.

You may also be interested in our 2022 tournament schedules for the ITF Men’s Tennis Tour, the ITF World Tennis Tour Juniors, and the ITF Seniors Tour.

2022 ITF Women's Calendar

2022 ITF Women’s Calendar

Tournament NameDatesLocationCourt SurfaceITF LevelPrize Money
W15 Sharm Elsheikh03 Oct to 09 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh10 Oct to 16 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh17 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh24 Oct to 30 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh31 Oct to 06 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh07 Nov to 13 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000
W15 Sharm Elsheikh14 Nov to 20 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)W15$15,000

Women’s ITF Tournaments Complete Schedule (January – December 2022)

Below is a complete list of ITF Women’s tournaments scheduled for 2022.

TournamentDatesLocationCourt Type
W25 Navi Mumbai27 Dec to 02 Jan 2022Navi Mumbai, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Giza27 Dec to 02 Jan 2022Giza, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir27 Dec to 02 Jan 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W60+H Traralgon03 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Traralgon, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W60+H Bendigo03 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Bendigo, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W25 Monastir03 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo03 Jan to 09 Jan 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W25 Vero Beach, Fl10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Vero Beach, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W25 Bath10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Bath, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
W25 Monastir10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W25 Blumenau-Gaspar10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Blumenau-Gaspar, BrazilClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo10 Jan to 16 Jan 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W25 Florianopolis17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Florianopolis, BrazilHard (Outdoor)
W25 Manacor17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Manacor, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Monastir17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cancun17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W15 Kazan17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Kazan, RussiaHard (Indoor)
W15 Antalya17 Jan to 23 Jan 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W60 Andrezieux-Boutheon24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Andrezieux-Boutheon, FranceHard (Indoor)
W60 Orlando, Fl24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Orlando, FL, USAHard (Outdoor)
W25 Loughborough24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Loughborough, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
W25 Monastir24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W25 Cairo24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W25 Manacor24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Manacor, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Florianopolis24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Florianopolis, BrazilHard (Outdoor)
W15 Cancun24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya24 Jan to 30 Jan 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W60 Rome, Ga31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022W60 Rome, GA, USAHard (Indoor)
W25 Sharm Elsheikh31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W25 Manacor31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Manacor, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Tucuman31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Tucuman, ArgentinaClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cancun31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir31 Jan to 06 Feb 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W60 Grenoble07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Grenoble, FranceHard (Indoor)
W25 Sharm Elsheikh07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W25 Birmingham07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Birmingham, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
W25 Tucuman07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Tucuman, ArgentinaClay (Outdoor)
W25 Porto07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Porto, PortugalHard (Indoor)
W25 Cancun07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W25 Canberra07 Feb to 11 Feb 2022Canberra, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Villena07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Villena, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W15 Jhajjar07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Jhajjar, Haryana, IndiaClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya07 Feb to 13 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W60 Altenkirchen14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Altenkirchen, GermanyCarpet (Indoor)
W25 Antalya14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Glasgow14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Glasgow, Great BritainHard (Indoor)
W25 Porto14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Porto, PortugalHard (Indoor)
W25 Cancun14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Cancun, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W25 Canberra14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Canberra, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Gurugram14 Feb to 20 Feb 2022Gurugram, IndiaHard (Outdoor)
W60 Nur-Sultan21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanHard (Indoor)
W25 Santo Domingo21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
W25 Antalya21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Macon21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Macon, FranceHard (Indoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Ahmedabad21 Feb to 27 Feb 2022Ahmedabad, IndiaClay (Outdoor)
W60 Arcadia, Ca28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Arcadia, CA, USAHard (Outdoor)
W25 Santo Domingo28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Santo Domingo, Dominican RepublicHard (Outdoor)
W25 Nur-Sultan28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Nur-Sultan, KazakhstanHard (Indoor)
W25 Bendigo28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Bendigo, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W25 Guayaquil28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Guayaquil, EcuadorHard (Outdoor)
W25 Joue Les Tours28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Joue les Tours, FranceHard (Indoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Nagpur28 Feb to 06 Mar 2022Nagpur, IndiaClay (Outdoor)
W60+H Irapuato07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Irapuato, MexicoHard (Outdoor)
W25 Antalya07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Salinas07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Salinas, EcuadorHard (Outdoor)
W25 Bendigo07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Bendigo, AustraliaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Naples, Fl07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Naples, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W15+H Amiens07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Amiens, FranceClay (Indoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh07 Mar to 13 Mar 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W25 Antalya14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Anapoima14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Anapoima, ColombiaClay (Outdoor)
W15 Marrakech14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Marrakech, MoroccoClay (Outdoor)
W15 Gonesse14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Gonesse, FranceClay (Indoor)
W15 Palmanova14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Palmanova, SpainClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh14 Mar to 20 Mar 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W60 Canberra21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Canberra, AustraliaClay (Outdoor)
W25 Le Havre21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Le Havre, FranceClay (Indoor)
W25 Medellin21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Medellin, ColombiaClay (Outdoor)
W15 Marrakech21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Marrakech, MoroccoClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Palmanova21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Palmanova, SpainClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh21 Mar to 27 Mar 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W60 Croissy-Beaubourg28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Croissy-Beaubourg, FranceHard (Indoor)
W60 Canberra28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Canberra, AustraliaClay (Outdoor)
W60 Pretoria28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Pretoria, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh28 Mar to 03 Apr 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W80 Oeiras04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Oeiras, PortugalClay (Outdoor)
W25 Pretoria04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Pretoria, South AfricaHard (Outdoor)
W25 Chiang Rai04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Chiang Rai, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir04 Apr to 10 Apr 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W100 Palm Harbor11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Palm Harbor, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W60 Bellinzona11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Bellinzona, SwitzerlandClay (Outdoor)
W25 Santa Margherita Di Pula11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Santa Margherita di Pula, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Oeiras11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Oeiras, PortugalClay (Outdoor)
W25 Chiang Rai11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Chiang Rai, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
W25 Nottingham11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Nottingham, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
W25+H Calvi11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Calvi, FranceHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo11 Apr to 17 Apr 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W60 Charlottesville, Va18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Charlottesville, VA, USAClay (Outdoor)
W60 Chiasso18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Chiasso, SwitzerlandClay (Outdoor)
W25 Orlando, Fl18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Orlando, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W25 Santa Margherita Di Pula18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Santa Margherita di Pula, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Nottingham18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Nottingham, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
W15 Chiang Rai18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Chiang Rai, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
W15 Shymkent18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Shymkent, KazakhstanClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya18 Apr to 24 Apr 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Shymkent24 Apr to 30 Apr 2022Shymkent, KazakhstanClay (Outdoor)
W100 Charleston, Sc25 Apr to 01 May 2022Charleston, SC, USAClay (Outdoor)
W60 Zagreb25 Apr to 01 May 2022Zagreb, CroatiaClay (Outdoor)
W60 Istanbul25 Apr to 01 May 2022Istanbul, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Santa Margherita Di Pula25 Apr to 01 May 2022Santa Margherita di Pula, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Cairo25 Apr to 01 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya25 Apr to 01 May 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Monastir25 Apr to 01 May 2022Monastir, TunisiaHard (Outdoor)
W15 Chiang Rai25 Apr to 01 May 2022Chiang Rai, ThailandHard (Outdoor)
W100 Bonita Springs, Fl02 May to 08 May 2022Bonita Springs, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W100 Wiesbaden02 May to 08 May 2022Wiesbaden, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
W60 Prague02 May to 08 May 2022Prague, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
W60 Koper02 May to 08 May 2022Koper, SloveniaClay (Outdoor)
W25 Split02 May to 08 May 2022Split, CroatiaClay (Outdoor)
W25 Nottingham02 May to 08 May 2022Nottingham, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Daytona Beach, Fl02 May to 08 May 2022Daytona Beach, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W25 Santa Margherita Di Pula02 May to 08 May 2022Santa Margherita di Pula, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
W15+H Tossa De Mar02 May to 08 May 2022Tossa de Mar, SpainCarpet (Outdoor)
W15 Bastad02 May to 08 May 2022Bastad, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya02 May to 08 May 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo02 May to 08 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W100+H La Bisbal D’Emporda09 May to 15 May 2022La Bisbal D’Emporda, SpainClay (Outdoor)
W60 Saint-Gaudens09 May to 15 May 2022Saint-Gaudens, FranceClay (Outdoor)
W25 Varberg09 May to 15 May 2022Varberg, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W25 Santa Margherita Di Pula09 May to 15 May 2022Santa Margherita di Pula, ItalyClay (Outdoor)
W25 Sarasota, Fl09 May to 15 May 2022Sarasota, FL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W25 Nottingham09 May to 15 May 2022Nottingham, Great BritainHard (Outdoor)
W15 Heraklion09 May to 15 May 2022Heraklion, GreeceClay (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya09 May to 15 May 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo09 May to 15 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W60 Pelham, Al16 May to 22 May 2022Pelham, AL, USAClay (Outdoor)
W25 Platja D’Aro16 May to 22 May 2022Platja D’Aro, SpainClay (Outdoor)
W25 Changwon16 May to 22 May 2022Changwon, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya16 May to 22 May 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Cairo16 May to 22 May 2022Cairo, EgyptClay (Outdoor)
W15 Heraklion16 May to 22 May 2022Heraklion, GreeceClay (Outdoor)
W60 Orlando, Fl23 May to 29 May 2022Orlando, FL, USAHard (Outdoor)
W25 Daegu23 May to 29 May 2022Daegu, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Antalya23 May to 29 May 2022Antalya, TurkeyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Heraklion23 May to 29 May 2022Heraklion Crete, GreeceClay (Outdoor)
W25 Goyang30 May to 05 Jun 2022Goyang, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Heraklion30 May to 05 Jun 2022Heraklion, GreeceClay (Outdoor)
W15 Rancho Santa Fe, Ca30 May to 05 Jun 2022Rancho Santa Fe, CA, USAHard (Outdoor)
W25 Madrid06 Jun to 12 Jun 2022Madrid, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Incheon06 Jun to 12 Jun 2022Incheon, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Norges-La-Ville06 Jun to 12 Jun 2022Norges-la-Ville, FranceHard (Outdoor)
W15 San Diego, Ca06 Jun to 12 Jun 2022San Diego, CA, USAHard (Outdoor)
W60 Madrid13 Jun to 19 Jun 2022Madrid, SpainHard (Outdoor)
W25 Denain13 Jun to 19 Jun 2022Denain, FranceClay (Outdoor)
W25 Sumter, Sc13 Jun to 19 Jun 2022Sumter, SC, USAHard (Outdoor)
W15 San Diego, Ca13 Jun to 19 Jun 2022San Diego, CA, USAHard (Outdoor)
W25 Wichita, Ks20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Wichita, KsHard (Outdoor)
W25 Klosters20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Klosters, SwitzerlandClay (Outdoor)
W25 Prokuplje20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Prokuplje, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
W25 Perigueux20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Perigueux, FranceClay (Outdoor)
W25 Ystad20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Ystad, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W15 Alkmaar20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Alkmaar, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
W15 Colorado Springs, Co20 Jun to 26 Jun 2022Colorado Springs, CO, USAHard (Outdoor)
W100 Charleston, Sc27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Charleston, SC, USAClay (Outdoor)
W60 Montpellier27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Montpellier, FranceClay (Outdoor)
W25 Den Haag27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Den Haag, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
W25 Stuttgart-Vaihingen27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Stuttgart-Vaihingen, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
W15 Los Angeles, Ca27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Los Angeles, CA, USAHard (Outdoor)
W15 Prokuplje27 Jun to 03 Jul 2022Prokuplje, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
W100 Versmold04 Jul to 10 Jul 2022Versmold, GermanyClay (Outdoor)
W60 Amstelveen04 Jul to 10 Jul 2022Amstelveen, NetherlandsClay (Outdoor)
W15 Vejle25 Jul to 31 Jul 2022Vejle, DenmarkClay (Outdoor)
W15 Frederiksberg01 Aug to 07 Aug 2022Frederiksberg, DenmarkClay (Outdoor)
W25 Koksijde08 Aug to 14 Aug 2022Koksijde, BelgiumClay (Outdoor)
W15 Enkoping08 Aug to 14 Aug 2022Enkoping, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W25 Vrnjacka Banja15 Aug to 21 Aug 2022Vrnjacka Banja, SerbiaClay (Outdoor)
W15 Duffel15 Aug to 21 Aug 2022Duffel, BelgiumClay (Outdoor)
W15 Enkoping15 Aug to 21 Aug 2022Enkoping, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W15 Enkoping22 Aug to 28 Aug 2022Enkoping, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W60 Prague29 Aug to 04 Sep 2022Prague, Czech RepublicClay (Outdoor)
W15 Enkoping29 Aug to 04 Sep 2022Enkoping, SwedenClay (Outdoor)
W15 Yeongwol29 Aug to 04 Sep 2022Yeongwol, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Yeongwol05 Sep to 11 Sep 2022Yeongwol, Korea, Rep.Hard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh12 Sep to 18 Sep 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh19 Sep to 25 Sep 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh26 Sep to 02 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh03 Oct to 09 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh10 Oct to 16 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh17 Oct to 23 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh24 Oct to 30 Oct 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh31 Oct to 06 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh07 Nov to 13 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)
W15 Sharm Elsheikh14 Nov to 20 Nov 2022Sharm ElSheikh, EgyptHard (Outdoor)